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  • Aug. 11, 2020, 6:49 p.m.
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So, Joe Biden picked his running mate today: Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), former Attorney General of California. Progressive Twitter is Not Happy At All.

Now, I want to get a few things out of the way here, because there are many, many legitimate criticisms to be made, for both Biden and Harris. Both are centrists. Neither are particularly progressive on anything. Harris’s record as California Attorney General is not really progressive or liberal. Joe Biden has a problem with groping women. Biden is also yet another old white guy, because that’s a fucking novelty in our Presidential candidates, /sarcasm. And, overall, the Democratic Party needs to stop trying to appease and appeal to Republicans by letting our nominees drift further right. There is a lot to criticize here, and I will not deny anyone a chance to air their grievances about either Biden or Harris.

But I will say, “If you don’t want another four years of Trump, then vote for Biden and Harris, whether or not you like them. Whether or not they’re meeting you on progressive issues. Right now, we need to get Trump and his ilk out of the White House, at all costs, and if that means coming out to vote for the problematic centrists, then vote for the problematic centrists, you whiny fucking shitgibbons. It’s the smallest possible price we can pay.”

Again, I am listening to trans people and nobinary people. I am listening to BIPOC. I’m listening to survivors of sexual assault, rape, and other sexual violence (and I am, myself, a survivor of sexual violence). I am a member of the LGBTQIA community. I wish the Democrats had picked a more progressive Presidential candidate, like Andrew Yang or Elizabeth Warren. I wish Biden had chosen Stacy Abrams or Keisha Lance Bottoms; hell, I wish he’d chosen Yang or Warren as his VP. I completely get it: Democrats have been letting progressives down for way too long, kowtowing too hard to the GOP for too long, and letting big money pick their nominees, rather than voters. I completely understand.

But this is why I’m angry, and this is why I’m writing this entry. A lot of progressives, upon hearing that Biden had picked Harris as his running mate, have threatened to sit this election out. Now, where have I heard that crock of shit before? Oh yeah, in 2016, from Bernie Bros. Yeah, let’s just rinse and repeat on that! It’s not like, oh, I don’t know, THAT IS EXACTLY HOW WE ENDED UP IN THIS KAFKAESQUE HORRORSHOW IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE, right?!

Progressives. From one progressive to another. For your own good, for the good of the people you claim to care about, for the good of your community. For the survival of the human race. For the survival of the planet.




Stop shitting your diapers and stamping your feet because you didn’t get exactly the candidate you wanted. Do NOT sit this election out. If you want to survive, VOTE. If you want trans/NB/BIPOC/LGBTQIA/women/religious minorities to survive, VOTE. If you want the planet to survive, VOTE. Vote for the problematic centrists. Whine, cry, stamp your feet, scream, throw a tantrum, make it well known how much you loathe the pair of them. But whine, cry, stamp your feet, scream, throw a tantrum, and let the world know how angry you are all the way to the polls on November 3rd. If you don’t, then you are to blame for Trump’s re-election, and all that that entails.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what four years of Biden and Harris will bring, but I do know what another four years of Trump will bring. And, not even gonna pretend to be sorry for how blunt I’m being, but if you think four more years of Trump won’t end with trans people, NB people, women, religious minorities, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA people as a bunch of piles of skeletons next to the fucking gas chambers we were sentenced to, you are a fucking moron. A selfish, nihilistic moron. And frankly, if I hurt you by saying that, GOOD. You needed to hear it. Furthermore, if I were standing in front of you, I’d have said everything I just wrote, and I’d slap you across the face with all the strength I could muster. The time for delicacy has passed, and now is the time for getting down to the nitty-gritty. Now is the time to vote for our lives, because, yes: our lives truly depend on this election.

I’m a progressive, and I am sick to literal death of the infighting, the immaturity, the tantrums, and other so-called “progressives” really just being adult toddlers with wet diapers. Grow the fuck up. Being an adult means doing the things you need to, for the good of everyone, however much you don’t want to. Otherwise, you’re a fascist. No more pussy-footing around it. Progressives, you need to learn what progress actually is, and what it looks like. Progress is not endgame; it’s the continual march toward a better life for everyone. Progress is slow. Progress is imperfect. Progress takes time. And, if you want progress to keep happening, Trump must go. Trump AND Pence AND McConnell AND Graham, and all the other snivelling, pussy enablers in his cabinet. Not only will progress stop happening if Trump wins again, regression will happen at an even faster pace than it is right now.

I get that Twitter is a place where shitgibbons go to find other shitgibbons and have their shitgibbonry validated, and that’s the problem: It gets validated. I really, honestly believe that if Twitter hadn’t existed in 2016, Trump would have lost. And yes, I know there was also a massive disinformation campaign and that Russia interfered with the election, but even considering that, I think the massive validation of Bernie Bros and the “but her emails!” crowd via Twitter is what actually won Trump the election. In 2016, it was a joke; a sick, unfunny joke, but a joke all the same. In 2020, our very fucking survival depends on who wins this election.

I’m so angry, and I just want to scream and puke and cry and punch things. Why do real progressives keep allowing fascist nihilists into our circle, just because they pay lip service to the idea of progress and progressive issues? When the shit hits the fan, they always let us down and give up. I’m so sick of it. Now more than ever, we need to fight and keep pushing the party left, and a majority of us are giving up because, waaah, Dems nominated not the exact people we wanted.

Fuck. I wish it was Friday. Then I could get blackout drunk and not have to worry about being too hungover to work tomorrow. Oh, that’s another thing: These fucking fascists pretending to be progressives are all about “raise the minimum wage!”, but they won’t vote against the party that wants to at best keep it where it’s at, and at worst get rid of it altogether?! DEATH TO THE FASCIST INSECT THAT PLAY-PRETENDS AT BEING A PROGRESSIVE.

hippiechica15 August 11, 2020

slow clap 100%

synapse August 11, 2020

I'm voting for Biden/Harris but I'm also going to complain about it a lot.

Pretend Mulling synapse ⋅ August 12, 2020

Like I said, there's a lot to complain about. I'm just fed up with a lot of progressives' baying for Trump's blood, then, when we have the chance to actually get him out of the White House, they threaten to sit out. Like, fine, but if they sit out and Trump wins again, I just hope my half-Jewish ass is sent to the same concentration camp their ass is, so I can beat the shit out of them for letting everyone down just before I die.

synapse Pretend Mulling ⋅ August 12, 2020

I'm voting but I don't think it's right for DNC to nominate shitty regressive candidates and then blame people who are not inspired by them.

Pretend Mulling synapse ⋅ August 12, 2020

It’s not, but that’s a nirvana fallacy.

This post says everything, really:

The Thirsty Oriental August 11, 2020


lessoff August 12, 2020

after biden annouced i jumped into my facebook and checked on what my super political friends say (i dont do twitter) anyway two of my facebook friends are working their way up the ladder, im not sure they will ever want to be president but who knows. the one guy said he was just happy the name was not bernie. LOL
im a democrat but i live in a super republican neighborhood. i get so angry when i see those trump/pence signs. like cant you open your eyes and see that trump is not HELPing us?

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