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  • Aug. 9, 2020, 2:24 a.m.
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I feel like I haven’t written in forever, but it’s been a moderately eventful week.

For one, our mother in law was on a girl’s trip with her sisters and her mom, so my husband and I had to stagger our schedules and provide our own childcare while both working full time. We were definitely both significantly more drained at the end of each day, and it did lead to some conflict, but all in all it worked out all right.

We had plans to have sex every day, and we managed to pull it off 3 out of the last 5 days. We also ended up having some deep conversations about sex, love, and body image.

All of the patio furniture is assembled, and we’ve been using it a lot. I can now look out on our balcony with the same hearts in my eyes that I have when looking at the rest of the condo. Next Wednesday is our anniversary (which the patio furniture was technically for), and my husband and I discussed buying a nice bottle of champagne and orange juice to have with our breakfast. I think, instead of ordering in, we’re just going to make a scramble with our chosen mix-ins and buy some English muffins. Brunch foods are pretty easy to make, so no sense in spending money if we’re eating in anyway.

I also got my husband some hot stones for an at-home hot stone massage along with some fancy massage oil. I think he’s going to like it.

In other news, plans for August (other than our anniversary and Washington trip) include donating several items to Goodwill and getting an annual subscription to One of my clients gave the website rave reviews, and I trust her instincts on the topic. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. Budgeting is one area I’m terribly average at. I can pay my bills, but I have proven time and time again that any significant saving or investment is beyond my natural ability. Being that I’m in my mid-thirties now, I am aware that many would say I’m “late” to the game, but to them I’d say better late than never.

Until next time <3

Last updated August 09, 2020

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