Rainy day update in A restart

  • Aug. 1, 2020, 11:44 p.m.
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Not much of an update I guess but I’ll give it a whirl…

People… I’m gonna leave social media until this whole pandemic thing is over… seriously. Unless they come up with some way to filter out words like “masks” and “trump” and such… it’s basically like trash TV now… I feel like facebook in particular has become one big trailer park.

Ran some errands today, some happy errands - I went around getting some things ready for the new place. Stopped in to get the tv and internet turned on, called to transfer the electricity and gas, all that kind of thing. It’s coming to fruition and that’s great.

I was happy to see that when I was over in that area, how convenient everything is. The grocery, target, every other specialty you can think of is right there. There’s a mall almost across the street. Etc. I think I can see the Nordstrom sign from my office window haha.

Downtown it’s like, if you want anything you have to either walk there, dodging the weird people who are out all hours, and only get things you can carry yourself, or you have to drive out to the first ring suburbs anyway. It will be really nice to just run out for 5 minutes and grab something without it being a whole ordeal.

There will be a gym across the street from me too. It has a pool, even. There’s a Y downtown, but again you either have to walk there at night - not safe - or you have to drive there and pay to park - which, if you have to do that what’s the point of being downtown? You can also take the skyway there, but it’s not the safest thing either. I am SO ready for all the ease and convenience and to live without the overhead of worrying about the safety and security of your person and things, you know? Nobody should have to think about that all the time.

It was such a nice day and running errands in the new neighborhood felt so good. I really needed that.

OH! Best development of the day was my dad sending me a video of my little niece at their house, sitting in a high chair, looking super super happy. Recall, my brother and his now ex split up, and she was trying to keep her away from him, especially my parents. How cruel it is to keep grandparents away from their grandkids is a big question in 2020 I know, but this was all so needless, and my parents have been so grieved and wounded by not being able to spend time with her because of… nonsense that should have blown over long ago. It was so good to hear how happy they were. This was the best day of their life in a long long time I think. Love it so much.

leftwingheartbreak 7 days ago

I've left all social media except for LinkedIn (haven't used that lately anyway) and PB. with all that's going on in my life, I couldn't leave PB right now without being forced out.

permanent daylight leftwingheartbreak ⋅ 7 days ago

I too feel like PB is the healthiest for me, and the healthiest social in general.

SweetMelissa 13 hours ago

I'll never understand using a child as a pawn. So damaging. Kids need all the love that comes their way. Glad your parents got time with her.

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