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  • Aug. 1, 2020, 2:59 a.m.
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I’ve been thinking lately about the “normalization of hate speech,” and how long someone has to be exposed to something harmful, like a squeaky ideology backed up by pure hate and ignorance, until it’s considered “okay.” Because, honestly, some things require a step back and realizing “Hmm, maybe that’s abnormal.”
(Prosebox is a bit choppy for me right now btw, so this entry won’t take long).

I started a signature course on Logic awhile back; it covers a wide array of logical fallacies. The instructor in the course encourages everyone to take it, because we’re constantly getting bombarded by fallacies in everyday life. Acculturation, which happens in communities, can lead to in-built biases unless we question those biases.

Anyway, onto an entry about life~!

Things are going pretty well. Ever since taking melatonin, I don’t recall having any dreams. I’m going onto week 2 of melatonin. I’m still a bit rocky on getting into bed on time, and it seems that my insomnia isn’t lifting. Soo… maybe I’ll have to re-evaluate after week 2 or 3.

I’ve been able to stick to my 800 calories/day meal plan, and I’ve lost fat as a result. I think I weigh the same, but a lot of people tell me that I’m “slimming down” as my facial features are more angular. I have been continuing with my strength training exercises and cardio, so there’s that.

I went on JoAnn Fabrics recently and got a yarn haul. I got 16 skeins of yarn for $2 (the total was actually $62, but I used my credit card’s rewards to pay for $60–I guess it’s sort of a treat for myself for having established a couple of productive habits [making my bed and working out daily]). I love buying yarn; I can’t emphasize that enough.
Like I have SUCH an urge to go back to JoAnn’s and just keep buying yarn, but I don’t have any more projects in mind, so I don’t have a need for it. So I won’t go back to buy more yarn. But I want to. But I shouldn’t because it’s not like I have money. I won’t, I won’t.

I like to make dalgona coffee for my family–it’s an extremely simple recipe that’s hard to fuck up. I added 2 tablespoons of caramel sauce for my SIL this time, and the mix between that, the whipped coffee, and unsweetened almond milk+ice made it taste like some concoction of ice cream and coffee. I told her, “Try it; I think you’ll find it’s pretty good…” She took a sip and said, “Oh! It’s very good!” Yay. Honestly that small compliment made me happy; it was probably the highlight of my day.
SIL’s birthday is coming up. Since she’s a new mama, I figured cold cash might be appropriate. I can’t wait to give it to her; I feel like I’m more excited about this than she is. LOL.

My 23andMe results are already on their final stage of analysis! That means I’ll get my report Monday or Tuesday (hopefully). I can’t help but feel like that was so fast (it took 2 to 2.5 weeks).

Grandma came to visit us yesterday. She is so frail and old. I felt a pang of guilt for not coming out to see her (she came with my aunt, and my aunt and I aren’t speaking to each other).

Anyway, this was rather random/jumbled list of recent events in my life. I’m going to try and get back to sleep now~!

Last updated August 01, 2020

DE_KentuckyGirl August 01, 2020

I haven't has whipped coffee yet. I need to try it. And what kinds of things do you use the yard for? I attempted to make a big scarf once with just my arms and fingers (a craft my mother roped us into one Thanksgiving). Took hours and came out horrible!

noip DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ August 04, 2020

It is so good !! I totally recommend 2 tbsps of caramel sauce and whipped cream topping if you like an ice cream+coffee taste. :)
I can't help but feel like what you'd think is "horrible" is probably quite beautiful. Lol. But I hear big scarves aren't the easiest to tackle.

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