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  • July 31, 2020, 2:22 p.m.
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getting close! yesterday dono and i drove to houston and i did my pre-op assessment, CT, MRI, EKG, blood testing, urinalysis, and 1st covid test. tomorrow we go back and do my 2nd covid test. if that’s all good then i am cleared for surgery on monday at 8AM.

i’ve been calm, almost chipper throughout all of this i think (it might even be freaking people out if they think i should be very somber). i mean as much pain as i’ve been in, as much as i know that each day my joints are hit a little bit harder and deteriorate a little bit more – i’m still mobile, still allowed to lift things… et cetera. but i’m gonna come out the other end and things will be different. good different or bad different, i’m not sure, just different.

like no sneezing for 4 weeks or my brain will start to leak out my nose (only half joking), different.

no lifting things for 4-6 weeks either, nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. i’m allowed to take walks as soon as i start to i feel up to it, but i’m supposed to be careful bending over, exerting a lot of pressure, all that sort of thing. for the same reason… no CSF leaks.

i really really really really really hope they can get all of the tumor… reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope so.... but not totally confident, since it is growing into my carotid arteries. i just think my surgeon will have a difficult time.

i don’t know. i repaid all my debts. i owed dono $4500 or so after buying the house (he had more savings for the downpayment than i did), i just transferred it to him this morning. if i weren’t doing surgery on monday i would have held onto it another month or so, to spare the hit to my e-fund. but what iffffffff something goes wrong and monday is my last day on this earth?

that thought does not really scare me, if it happens it happens, it’s not like i’ll be doing anything else but snoozing via anesthesia if it does! but i want all my affairs here to be all neat and tidy. i didn’t want to go out owing anyone money, even dono :P. since we aren’t married it wouldn’t be his legally unless i gave it to him.

anyway that’s all just a big precaution. i’m not expecting any complications. it’s not like it’s a risky surgery, or anything. maybe a what, 0.01% chance? but i just feel better being prepared for the what-ifs.

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