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  • July 24, 2020, 8:29 a.m.
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it wasn’t worth it. i dropped the course.

on wednesday we had our 3rd exam. now normally we meet M/W, 5:40-7:40 pm. the all-important syllabus (which as we saw last entry, he thought was infallible, when it came to fighting me on my brain surgery date!) stated the exam would be 6:40-7:40 pm. presumably, as we did for exam #2 also, that would imply we would hold a short review between 5:40-6:40 pm before starting the exam. that is what i, and no doubt other students thought.

cue our collective shock when we signed in at 5:40 pm and the exam was starting.

afterward, i emailed him to ask about this. he responds back:

“I said in class that there would be no lecture, and that the test would begin at the start of the class time.”

hm. well, i have watched all of the lectures so far, and due to the class being moved online blackboard records them and stores them automatically. so i went back and re-watched the one where he talked about the exam format for 15 minutes. i specifically listened to try and see if i could catch where he said that.

nope! he did not so much as whisper it. so i told him as much (politely).

the dude cannot admit he is wrong. he is a white, older, male, baby boomer… literally impossible for him. so he doubled down and responds:

“I don’t remember exactly when I said it. It might have been a couple of lectures back. It might have been in response to a student’s question about the exam.”

dude. this guy fights with me about the syllabus like it’s some binding legal contract when i’m about to have BRAIN SURGERY and then springs a test on us an hour early when we all thought there’d be a review?!?

no. noooooope. my formal complaint within the college is still submitted, it is still pending, but at this point it is not even worth it for me to finish the course. i have withdrawn. goooooodbye and good riddance. i will eat the cost i paid for it if i can have less stress in my life from now on.

ugh. what a complete and total ass. if you cannot even admit you were wrong about the date and time of an exam that makes up 15% of your students’ grades… you are just a bad teacher. i hate to think how he treats students with disabilities, who struggle already, before the introduction of these sorts of curveballs. yiiikes.

i’m sure mentally he 100% believes that he said that.. because his ego cannot take the implications otherwise. i have seen this again and again with my parents and all the other trump supporters of their generation. they have to keep doubling down.. otherwise they’d have to face that they were wrong, and the guilt that would come with that realization, and its domino effect on everything they have stood by and watched, is too much to mentally handle.

but that makes you a bad teacher. my formal complaint with the college is still pending and i am very curious to hear back on it, but i didn’t need the class (i just wanted to learn some new math things..!) and i’m soooo much happier already. what a bunch of useless stress for nothing!

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