4 months 11 days post op in Pudendal Decompression Surgery

  • July 23, 2020, 10:35 p.m.
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Things to be grateful for
-Was able to take a walk despite horrendous 50-50 stabbing and bladder burning issues
-Made it to PT despite anxiety about being in the car.
-Had a good talk therapy session. Learned a bit more about emotional connection w partners.
- No work to worry about today.
-The unemployment issues I was having months ago are now resolved and money isnt an immediate issue.
-Back of the leg pain seems to be subsiding for right now.
-Central sensitization pain not as in my face.
-Had a good conversation with an old friend of mine.
-Was able to dedicate some time to talk to some PN people today.
-The weather was really nice today. Not too sunny, not too humid.

Bad things
-Bad digestive pressure/ pain later in the day
-Starting to get a bad headache.
-Stinging/ stabbing pain was way more intense than usual.
-Had moments in the day where it was 50-50 stinging/stabbing and bladder issues.
-Still wish I could do more during the day.
-Mentally beating myself up more than usual.
-Wasn’t prepared to deal with so many bad days in a row, very depressed.
-I started getting in my own head after talking to 2 of my co workers about work.

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