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  • July 20, 2020, 7:21 p.m.
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holy fuck. the professor i talked about in my last entry? he. was. a. jerk. and once he started being a jerk, he felt like he had to double down and keep being a jerk. he is an older white man and like the rest of them i have ever known, he does NOT change his mind once it’s made up.

he was condescending, he belittled me, treated me like a child. he insisted my brain surgery for my brain tumor was “elective” and “non-emergency” (?!?) and therefore i did not meet the criteria for a ‘serious illness’ and would not be eligible to take an Incomplete in his course and finish it next semester. he was just so needlessly callous and cruel, it really worn me down.. and i was weepy off and on about it all day yesterday. honestly it felt like a nightmare, it felt like one of those bad school dreams.

i filed a formal complaint about it yesterday after essentially ‘giving up’… i mean if anyone in my real life, a colleague or coworker, talked to me that way i would go to HR - a college professor is not immune. hope he learns from it.

then this morning i sent more questions back to him (logistics sort of things, trying to determine whether to just drop the class or not and gauge my options). well he finally CC’d the department chair to pull her in and get her opinion, with a snotty message about how he still disagreed–

“If we are still debating whether you should get an Incomplete, then I am copying C. R., the department chair. I disagree that your circumstances warrant an Incomplete, but I will let her make the final decision on that.”

no shit, 20 minutes later i get another email:

“C. R., the department chair, says that you may have an Incomplete, as an exception to our guidelines.”


chrrrrrrrrrrrist. thank you C.R. thank you for being reasonable and compassionate.

god that was stressful. that was literally the worst. i do not need your added stress, professor J, when i am already at my freakin MAX trying to arrange the next 2-4+ weeks of my life around a major surgery.

god! the nerve!


Deleted user July 20, 2020

I'm so glad the department chair had your back. Seriously don't even see why the prof had to make such a big deal out of it. And who has brain surgery just for the hell of it??? Brain surgery for a tumor? Elective and non-emergency?? What a jerk!

|amphetamine| Deleted user ⋅ July 21, 2020

thank you!!! <3 it really felt like one of those school nightmares...

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