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  • July 20, 2020, 3:28 a.m.
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ok so august 3rd is the date. apparently the surgeon is going on vacation starting the 10th, so that settled it.

lots to do… i emailed my summer class professors (you know, the ones i am taking just for fun) asking to take the finals early or otherwise register an ‘Incomplete’, and one of them got back to me already and just said “An Incomplete is not an option under your circumstances.”

uhh.. it’s not? man i don’t miss the haughty/superior attitudes of professors. i like ones who i can relate to on a person-to-person level… i usually get to, since in the smaller classes, they know i am already graduated, a working professional, etc.. i speak to them how i would any colleague or coworker, respectfully but still on equal social ‘footing’. but this is a larger/50-student class, i’m just another face in the sea of students to him i think. and man i do not like the professors who act like a parent chastising a child, just because they’ve gotten to used to their students being all 18 years old or whatever. nah, no thanks, miss me with that. i am in my 30s and i have been working for over a decade, and i would go to HR if someone talked to me that way, so no, you don’t get to just because you are used to it.. i am good, THANKS.

so i basically wrote back like.. uh why isn’t an Incomplete an option? since i seem to fit all the criteria based on [X] and [Y] school websites… and i detailed (more of) my medical situation and said at the end, well ok i am just taking this class for fun since i am a working professional in the industry, i’m not pursuing a degree, i could still withdraw but it just seems like a waste when we’re almost done with the course.

let’s see what he says. -_-

my mom’s flying in to help out for after surgery. we just figured it out yesterday. she’ll arrive saturday, we’ll probably have to leave a key for her to get in, but then she can catsit and water my garden until we get back a few days later. then she will help me do small tasks, etc until leaving again the following saturday. her first time seeing our new house, as well as meeting the cat and dog, which will be nice <3

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