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  • July 18, 2020, 10:08 p.m.
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My last entry was a little short on details, but yes, we have accepted an offer on our place.

It came at a great time, since we’re right at 30 days out from our move date, so it gives us ample time to plan the logistics around a move. In total we had 10 showings, interest expressed from three people, and we accepted an offer on day 20, which is exactly the average days-on-market for a loft in this zip code.

Our agent called us at 10:00pm, right as we were coming home from a meeting with some people from church. They made a serious offer that was a little more favorable to them than what I was comfortable with, so we made a counter-offer granting them everything they wanted in terms of closing date, closing costs, and a list of other items, and just said we needed them to do a little bit better on price, and I proposed meeting them halfway between their offer and our asking price. In the end that’s just about where we ended up.

Our agent, who rocks, worked up all the documents to get it accepted and signed off, and we electronically signed everything by midnight. They are from out of town and signed in the morning - on my birthday (best present ever) and now it’s under contract.

Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to sound like a birth story haha.

Now we are definitely moving in less than a month. Now all those things that I’d been sketching out ARE HAPPENING NOW.

Commence the jubilation!

We have to get through the inspection soon, not sure when just yet, but this is a loft that is downtown in a major city, and there’s nothing that’s in disrepair or whatever. Inspections are a wild card, but I’m fairly confident we won’t have anything much to worry about.

So we’ll continue praying that this deal holds together, but they seem like great buyers and they do not have a contingent sale, so it’s looking as good as it can look right now.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I mean, I won’t feel totally like the weight of this whole process has been lifted until the ink is dry on the closing documents. Selling a home is not fun. (Buying was a heck of a lot more fun)

But, in the end we’re moving to the suburb I like and will be in a real house soon. (I’m going to my goal board now, buckle up) I’ll have a driveway and a garage. I’ll build myself a workbench for the garage. I’ll have my own dedicated room for working from home and for all my music stuff. People will be able to come in from out of town and stay with us comfortably. There will be a yard, and a garden where I can grow chili peppers. There might be neighbors that I will like. I’ll have a deck where I can grill or where dinner or breakfast can be had. I can plant trees that will someday be beautiful, or maybe they will already be there.

This is what I wanted, and I always sacrificed what I wanted in what I thought was an act of kindness and sacrificial love toward others before. Then I ended up unhappy. That was until this year. There has really been a sea change in my life, and I’m the cause now, not just subject to the effects of what’s going on around me. No, I can’t help it when the mayor and governor let the city burn down or when a virus sweeps over the world, but when the wind changes direction I can act.

I feel like this is how you get ahead, you see things and act before others do, instead of taking a wait-and-see attitude. Fortune favors the brave, and he who hesitates is lost, right.

I’ve learned that, I’ve bitten numerous bullets over the past year, done hard work on myself and our relationship, admitted failure numerous times, and picked myself up and headed in a new direction. The balance of all this is snowballing, and it’s starting to pay off.


Ginger Snap July 19, 2020

I love this. What an inspirational entry! I’m pleased for you and feel motivated myself!! 🙌

permanent daylight Ginger Snap ⋅ July 19, 2020

You can DO IT! :)

Ginger Snap permanent daylight ⋅ July 19, 2020


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