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  • July 13, 2020, 12:43 p.m.
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Another day of fatigue. :-( I just can’t get myself to stay asleep. Instead of waking up once or twice which wouldn’t be that bad, it seems like I woke up a dozen times last night.

Lymph nodes keep going back and forth between barely noticeable to being sore. Applying heat to my neck definitely seems to help, though. I soak a washcloth in hot water and put that on my neck.

Down another half a pound. Tom says he doesn’t notice my stomach being flatter because it’s mostly flat most of the time anyway. Oh really? I didn’t know that, LOL.

I still can’t begin to guess as far as what’s got my lymph nodes fired up but the fact that yes, it really could be lymphoma is a little unnerving. It’s unlikely, but I do have more of the symptoms than I realized when I think about it. Night sweats, a little bit of weight loss, and fatigue. I also read that you don’t have to have all or even any of the symptoms to have cancer and that it’s a slow-growing cancer that eventually accelerates quickly. That makes me think of how it started off barely noticeable for a few years and now it’s progressing. I also can’t help but think about my fears of something up there throwing curveballs in our plans to get out of here next spring. Trying not to, though!

I had a dream we were packing, and I was saying that I wanted to wash things when we got to the new place so I wouldn’t be putting away dirty stuff. Don’t know why I didn’t wash it before I packed it, but hopefully, this is a sign that we will indeed make it out of here. What I didn’t like was the dream where I was punching the code into the door of wherever we’d just moved to and it was 2024.

Got the nail stickers and they’re both good and bad. They’re actually great in that they’re much easier to apply than I thought they would be, and they look gorgeous. Just like real nail polish. Actually, even better. Real nail polish can lose a lot of its glossy shine once it dries but not this. Also, glitter is very hard to remove so I can have glittery nails again without the pain in the ass of trying to remove it. The negative is that they come off easily in the shower, so they’re really only good for a day or so.

My nails are definitely showing signs of improvement, so hopefully, it was just nail polish or nail polish remover damage and nothing more. Or maybe the Lamisil really is killing any fungus that may have been present. Now we’ll see if the stickers make it worse because fungus thrives in darkness if that’s what it was.

Link to nail sticker pic:

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besideherself July 13, 2020

Hello from New York! Just a newbie here. Those nails look heavenly.

J🌞DI besideherself ⋅ July 13, 2020

Hello back, and thank you.

besideherself July 13, 2020

Hey is your view counter per person or per click?

J🌞DI besideherself ⋅ July 13, 2020

Pretty sure it's a unique hit counter but can't swear to it. I don't usually track much anymore so I can't remember for sure.

besideherself J🌞DI ⋅ July 13, 2020

Cool ever been to NY?

J🌞DI besideherself ⋅ July 13, 2020

Yes, but it's been over 30 years now. Where in NY are you?

besideherself J🌞DI ⋅ July 13, 2020

Finger Lakes area. Can you tell me more about how your counter works? does it just only like tell you counts or something?

J🌞DI besideherself ⋅ July 13, 2020

It shows me my own details (click on it to see yours) but not others. It's just a counter. Nothing fancy really. Stay safe! I know NY has a lot of virus cases, but those of us here in CA are catching up.

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