Hopefully progress? in A restart

  • July 13, 2020, 3:12 a.m.
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Well, I mentioned we had two showings on Saturday. One the realtor let our realtor know they were “very” interested.

The other one we have not yet received feedback on, but that typically means they aren’t interested. (At least, based on all my super-expansive experience selling real estate… haha.) It seems that so far if they are interested they let you know - as if to say “hey, we’re interested, don’t accept an offer without giving us a chance to make one too.” So out of 8 showings, we’ve had 2 express mild interest and 1 express serious interest.

Today brought one piece of positive news and once piece of neutral (?) news. The people who are “Very” interested weren’t actually here on Saturday. Their realtor did a FaceTime tour for them because they are not local, but they will be here to tour it in person on Tuesday. I guess it’s good that they liked what they see, but people buy homes emotionally so who knows how they will feel when they actually set foot in the place.

I did notice that on Zillow, we have been getting some views from Florida and some from southern California. Maybe these folks are on a time frame and will be motivated to buy. I’m sure that if you looked at a place like mine (conversion loft, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1300 sq ft) in some parts of the country it might look cheap, hah.

We have another showing tomorrow too, so interest seems to be coming in at a slow but steady rate. Sadly it’s not just going to fly off the shelf the way it would have last year, Minneapolis seems to have taken quite a reputation hit this year for some reason. Maybe the riots and the now months long crime wave… who knows. (eyeroll)

Ok. Anyway. We are being positive and upbeat, we have one solid lead and maybe one or two more. This is going to happen if I have to stand outside on the streetcorner and hold the big arrow sign pointing toward it.

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