Ocean Nails in Shared Moments

  • Aug. 1, 2020, 8:42 a.m.
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Why are so many people ashamed and embarrassed to grow old? All my life I’ve seen younger people tease older people about aging and I never understood why. Do they think they’re exempt from growing old someday as well? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never been ashamed or embarrassed about getting older. Frustrated at times with the problems it often brings, but I’m otherwise proud because each year that I live is one more year I’ve survived this shitty world. So go ahead and laugh at my wrinkled hands. Laugh at my age spots. Laugh at my gray roots. Laugh at the fat rolls you call curves because it’s somehow kinder, less shameful, and politically correct, at least according to most people. In the end, I’m still alive and I’m still happy with all I’ve learned and experienced even if some of it was anything but fun. 😁

I forgot to say when I was looking up my maiden name that yes, most people with that name have been in New York. They’re all over the country, including California, but mostly New York. Pretty sure my great-grandparents entered New York which was the main port of entry back then.

Tom is going to bring in the bike stand and my old bike I used in Oregon since it’s a 24in-wheel to get more cardio that way since it’s too hot to be out for that long during the daytime. That’s why I’m going out either at night or early in the morning. He likes biking better than the treadmill. To me, the bike is boring as fuck if it isn’t outdoors.

Yesterday morning’s walk was surprisingly chilly. It was 62° yet it felt like 50. As I was passing by the RV lot, I remembered the email from Linda that Dixie forwarded to me about the problems with people climbing the fence into the lot and stealing catalytic converters and even solar panels off of one of the RVs. There are sections of the lot that can’t be seen by other houses or people driving by, so it would be easy to do.

Tom saw 2 cop cars head down the street yesterday but they were only there for a few minutes which suggests they may have come to do a wellness check because you would think it would take longer to fill out a police report if a crime had been committed.

They’ve joined the new house, and someone is definitely living with Bob and Virginia. I haven’t seen either one of them out and about on foot or in their vehicle for a few weeks now which can’t be good. I just hope we get out of here while they’re still alive!

Had good energy yesterday but today I’m tired. I knew I would be. Even so, I’m managing to tackle the laundry and later we’ll slave over the damn pigs.

Dixie left a message yesterday evening inviting me to come down and visit with her out front but I told her in an email that I’m off-schedule now and will let her know when I can get down to see her.

Decided to treat my toenails with Lamisil and see what happens. My fingernails are also looking worse again but not the lifting. The discoloration, especially in the thumbs, has darkened. So the lifting needed the calcium supplements I’ve been taking, and the discoloration is probably the fungus the pharmacist told me it was and that I’ve suspected was the case. If I can get off my nail strip obsession for a while, I can go back to treating that as well because it did seem to help.

I’m not all that impressed with the ocean nail stickers because even with my nails longer, you can’t see as much of the image to know what it is. If I didn’t know any better, I may think it was some random abstract design.

Going to pull the clothes out of the dryer now. I had to wait for them to cool down because heat melts adhesive and causes my nail strips to lift. See them here:


Camdengirl 4 days ago

I was really fearful of ageing in my early 20s, it’s bothered me less since then, I think because I’ve kinda achieved all the stuff you are supposed to - whereas in my early 20s I felt like I was screwing the adulting thing up... (I don’t think I was, I think I had unrealistic expectations and a huge inferiority complex!)

J🌞DI Camdengirl ⋅ 4 days ago

I'm more scared of dying and what the afterlife may be like if there really is one.

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