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  • July 16, 2020, 9:37 a.m.
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For any future historians that read this, this is the first time the critical coronavirus cases have hit 60k. Unfortunately, my state broke a record yesterday with new cases. There are now 92 deaths in Sacramento County. If people could quit protesting and rioting, that would really help slow the spread. Now isn’t the time to be whining about the things that piss you off or the injustices of the world by the hundreds and even the thousands in public, masks or not. Do your venting from home!

So Nick Cannon expresses his hate for Jews yet gets to keep his show. Typical double standards. If he were white and bashing a non-white, he’d be kicked off in a heartbeat.

I’m also finding the reparations that are in order in North Carolina to be a bit ridiculous. You can’t change or undo the past and I don’t see why the people of today need to be punished for the evil deeds of those from hundreds of years ago. They call it “history” for a reason and while it may have been a shitty one, obsessing and dwelling on the past can’t possibly be helpful. Grow up and move on!

Remember what I said on my profile, too. I’m not here to conform to popular opinion or to argue about this or anything else. :-) I have just as much right to express myself even if you don’t agree or want to hear it.

Back to the virus. This second surge of cases really sucks, and I know it all isn’t due to protests and riots but people’s stupidity. I may not be the brightest person in the world but sometimes I am really embarrassed to be part of the human race as dumb as it often is. It goes to show how many people will put having fun and making money and other things before the health and safety of others.

My current schedule has allowed me to go out walking early in the morning. I just wish my right hip wasn’t so stiff. I don’t think it’s the joint but the sciatic nerve. That’s the least of my concerns, however. Right now I’m concerned with whatever is going on with my lymph nodes. I’m not worried but I’m definitely curious. It just doesn’t seem right. The way I can feel like something’s there when I move my head in a certain position and even when I swallow at times just doesn’t seem normal. I’m more worried about what it may cost to find out what it is and to deal with it than I am with it killing me or anything like that.

Saw a white car parked in front of the empty lot where the house was removed. What, did the woman who owns the place sleep down in the crawl space in a sleeping bag or something? I’ve been wondering where she’s been staying all this time and I’m surprised the new house hasn’t been brought in yet. This would be an ideal time to bring the damn thing in, though, since I’m not sleeping during the daytime now. I’m like, just get it over with so we can get on with whatever the next annoying project may be.

I’m wondering if that next one will be road work a couple of blocks away. I see new markings in the road, not at all surprisingly. I just hope to hell we get out of here before they’re tearing up the roads around our place yet again!

He signed up for Peacock TV and upgraded to commercial-free since we both hate commercials. I checked it out, but just like with Hulu and Netflix, there’s too much stuff I’ve already seen. Either that or it doesn’t interest me, it’s in another country, or it’s about subjects I’m sick of. He’s going to enjoy it for a while, though. I’m happy enough with my LMC.

Fucking Amazon, though. I ordered Prime Music to be canceled last month but the greedy bastards didn’t cancel it. I’ll have to keep a close eye on that.

I had a dream my mother was alive, and I met up with her somewhere. She gave me her typical disapproving look even though I was dressed appropriately at least according to her standards. We got in her car and began talking about cooking.

The other day I was going through old pictures of my parents and they really seemed quite active in their golden years and like they did a lot, but then they had a lot more money than we’ll ever have. It was weird seeing pictures of them and thinking about these two people’s lives and all the things they had and did that are now just gone as if they never existed. I didn’t feel the sadness, however, that most people might have felt. Too many years of abuse and neglect does that to you, I guess. They may be dead and gone but what they did wasn’t okay, it never will be okay, and they’ll never be forgiven either.

The nail stickers are still holding up well although the right hand is starting to peel back a bit at the tips since I’m right-handed.

besideherself July 16, 2020

i very much agree with you. hey going to write friends only. can i add you?

J🌞DI besideherself ⋅ July 16, 2020

Sure, why not? I'll add you too since I do some things FO.

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