Nail Sticker Heaven in Shared Moments

  • July 15, 2020, 11:08 p.m.
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Got some weird tasting chips the other day from Rite Aid. I like trying new things. The avocado chips were so-so, the olive oil chips were a little better, and the hummus chips even better. Even so, none of them are worth getting again.

I’ve learned that the crack of dawn doesn’t mean I’m safe from skunks. I was just crossing onto the main street when one decided to jump out and say hello. I turned and took off in the opposite direction. So this morning’s walk is going to wait until there’s more light. I don’t want the direct sunlight glaring in my eyes, though. I swear the skunks get worse each year! I never saw one at the crack of dawn before.

I upped my review from 4 stars to 5 stars on the nail stickers. They are truly fantastic! I think the only reason they came off in the shower was that I showered too soon after applying them. You really have to wait for a couple of hours as it says to. I used the bath gloves today and had no problems at all. Applying a topcoat to one hand to compare to the hand that I didn’t apply it on doesn’t seem to really make a difference. Both hands are holding up well. Such a great alternative to having to deal with nail polish and polish remover damage! No drying time either which is also great.

They give you two different sizes for the thumbs. I used the smaller one, of course. Found that the bigger one fits my big toe perfectly. So maybe I’ll use them for my big toes and then I would just polish the other toes which are so tiny that they’re barely even noticeable, LOL.

For a while, I’ve been cutting my nails every week to get the damaged parts off, but now I’m looking forward to growing them out long which has always been easy for me to do. Makes typing a bit of a pain as well as using the phone, but since I mostly rely on voice typing, I’ll be fine.

I love these stickers so much that I’m ordering two more packets today. One contains various designs, mostly with shades of soft pink, and also a pack of gradient colors. Makes you look like you just stepped out of an expensive salon! I love how I can have glitter and not have to struggle to remove glitter nail polish which is a major bitch no matter what I use, including removers that promise to make removing glitter easy but don’t.

Fortunately, it’s looking like my nails were damaged after all from constant nail polish and there might not be any fungal infection of any kind because when I gently peeled back one of the thumbs (I couldn’t peel the one with a topcoat), I didn’t find that the discoloration had worsened. Fungus thrives in the dark, so since the nail stickers block light, the discoloration would have darkened if that’s what it was.

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