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  • July 17, 2020, 4:03 p.m.
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I hope nothing’s wrong with Bob and Virginia. There were three vehicles over there yesterday. Today there are a couple, plus medical supplies were delivered earlier, so I’m guessing Bob is now on oxygen.

Tom said he saw a guy carrying a tote by the vacant lot yesterday. Maybe to a shed somewhere in back?

The gradient nails came today and they’re awesome! Slightly bigger than the others so I may have to use the first ones I got as a template. Can’t say for sure until I put them on. If you look really close, you could see slight gaps at the sides of the ones I have on now so maybe they’ll be okay, they’ll just rest snugly against the cuticles.

This is the fourth day I’ve had on the magenta glitter and I’m curious to see how long they’ll hold up so I may not change them today. When I get the other set tomorrow, I’ll decide. The only thing I might not like about the said I’m getting tomorrow is that their sheer, so the designs may not show up as well and look as pretty as a picture. The others look better in person. I’ve got a slight peel-back on the tips of my right hand but otherwise, they’re still holding up great! This is an awesome alternative to nail polish! Way better than fake nails. I used to hate how my hair would snag in the edges of those.

I slept shitty because I woke up a lot, worried I would sleep too late. So I was really dragging and ended up taking a 90-minute nap. It refreshed me a little but I’m still tired.

Dixie sent an email saying she was watering yesterday evening and invited me down to chat, but I was unwinding by then. I let her know I should be able to come down at the end of next week.

To help with the boredom I sometimes experience, Tom downloaded this really cool racecar game called SuperTuxRacer and hooked up his joystick for me. I love all the different tracks and speeds you can go. There are tracks in different climates and terrain. In the rain, in the snow, in the desert, in the tropics, on dirt roads… I have to earn the scores in order to unlock other tracks.

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