Progress? in A restart

  • July 12, 2020, 4:42 a.m.
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Well, we may have made some progress on selling our place. We had two showings today, one of which we haven’t received feedback on yet, but one of them we did and it was positive.

There’s an app where you confirm showing times and receive feedback on them, and the buyers’ agents relay feedback to you. One of them today the agent answered the question of “Is your client interested in this property?” with “Very”, and in the additional comments they asked about the policies for pets in the building since they have two small dogs. SO that seems like REALLY good news.

Earlier this week, when we hadn’t had any showings for a few days and H was getting pretty discouraged we had ourselves a little revival here, and laid out once again all the reasons why we are doing this. After I laid out the whole case again she agreed with my strong belief that we need to stay in the boat and we need to see this process through, we are getting out of here come hell or high water. We are not going to wait around to see the city go further downhill or for them to get rid of the police and everything else, we are going no matter what. Whether it means we move before the place sells and continue to pay this mortgage for a while as well as the one for the new place while we wait for it to sell, whatever. It’s not going to hurt us in the short term, and we need to cut this whole thing off and finish it now.

We are both on the same page, we both agree, it’s just that when times get rough a somebody loses heart, the other person needs to take them to church. (That’s what we’d have said where I grew up, anyway…) We’re united on this and it’s going to be fine.

I think there are certain times and ways that people with fortitute, or emotional intelligence, or determination, or whatever you might call it - there are times when people who have a little less of things would back down, would turn back when seas get rough, and being willing to take on the challenge is what separates you from everyone else and gets you ahead. I believe this in work and in life in general. Of course sometimes you might make a mistake, but we are not going to wait around to be a victim of what is happening around us. We are going to take the initiative here and do things on our own terms, regardless of what anybody says or if it’s momentarily scary. Being one of the people who are willing to do those things is how you get ahead, right? Because you’ll take risks or challenges that some others won’t. I want us to be like that.

Anyway, she had her moment of discouragement and I had mine, but everyone is on the same page, we’ve had our pep talk, and we are going to see this through. We are going to finish the race even if I have to get off and drag the horse over the finish line :P

And, who knows, right? The offer could come in tomorrow and we could have the place sold just like that.

Fortune favors the brave, isn’t that how the saying goes?

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