greed and abuse destroyed this family in ?

  • July 11, 2020, 7 a.m.
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My family has always been abusive one way or another. My dad beat me when he got upset. I wasnt allowed to control my own finances.I wasnt allowed to speak without his say so. My dad had me live in his house he chose if I was worthy of air conditioning and sometimes he would turn off the water to “teach me a lesson about using to much.” For almost a year i carried buckets of water to wash dishes in and had to bathe and wash clothes at his house. I didn’t leave because i didn’t know how to “adult.” I was left inferior sad and scared.

One night dad messed up his medicine and thought he was going to beat me again. He grabbed me by my hair dragging me. About the time he grabbed the gun told me he was going to kill me i grabbed my car keys and told him I am leaving. He told me i would die first. He blocked my car and the driveway had one exit. I told him if he didnt move i wasnt the one who would die today. I put the car in reverse and floored it. My dad screamed I am nothing without him I will be back. I told him I am grown. I was 30 at the time. I deserved the right to make my own mistakes! He was in shock when i left everything in my house and moved in with me then boyfriend Talan. During the night I would sneak my things out of that house a little at a time fearful my dad would try to kill me again.

Months went by my dad and I began talking again. He got the shock of his lifetime when he got got abusive with my mom I called the police and got her escourted off the property. I told him if he ever beat my mom again I would be sure he would get the worse ass kicking of his life. He knows I was trained to fight in college but due to my peaceful nature I rarely used it. After his medicine got adjusted mom went back home.

Mom secretely bought me a mobile home to be sure dad or no one would ever leave me homeless again. The last year of my fathers life we were friends. I reached out that olive branch after dad admitted his medicine made him a monster.. i knew it i just needed him to say it. The last year of my dad’s life dad treated me as an equal I had an opinion I mattered. When died from a heart attack I can honestly say i cried because I love him. I still miss my dad. I just wish he realized what a good man he could be earlier.

My mother holds the will over my head. says if I dont do her bidding she will donate all her assets to the property or give it all to my brother. Greed has destroyed my family. If money makes people steal, hate one another, and treat people badly then I dont want it. I rather be poor humble and treat people equally.

My brother has been living off my mom rent free stealing thousands from her. His wife Lesa has been bad sick with a heart attack and gangrene. My brother is trying to clean up his roach infested feces due to dogs covered house to bring her home. Home health said the house is a hazard refuse to bandage Lesa’s wounds there. His mother law started screaming how all this is Lesa’s property. Mom’s house and toms house is in mom’s name she just allows him to live it. Mother in law didnt realize property is signed over in my name. When Toms mother in law told me clean their house I told her I already gave them my house. They grown they can clean up their own mess!

My Aunt Janet called yesterday wanted to talk to me about my great uncle Tommy farm. They want to talk to me about what my family gets in the will.. here comes the vultures to feast on the dead! My aunt wants us to come to dinner so she can say how she plans to steal the next estate.. God knows she stole my grandmas house when Grandma Ann died. Cant I just get the Cliffnote version and just skip the dragged out drama?

My family is toxic. My mother often complains about me keeping my distance. Dont I want her estate? I dont want material goods! I want my family. The one i used to know before greed killed all I hold dear.

If I ever have kids. I plan to help them build a tiny home to live in. I plan to give them the property and allow them to grow up with love instead of fear. My family is currently broken but my children will never experience such greed as long as I have a choice. I am used to being poor. being humble teaches kindness that greed does not. I rather have kindness instead.

Mr. Mofo July 11, 2020

Your family has my family beat. I think all families are abusive to it's members iin one form or other.

Take care.

Kristi1971 July 13, 2020

You are one who can rise above, Girl.

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