mom sexually harasses boss, brother moves out,mom drama taking over my side business in ?

  • July 8, 2020, 11:38 p.m.
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This morning my mom announced over my phone she called and flirted with my gay Boss Rob. Rob is 50 years old. My mom who is 65 said he was a whole lot of pretty and she knows he isnt into women but it is a shame because she would like to have a chance. She said her and my dads 45 years of marriage would mean nothing if he would give the widow a chance. Rob told everyone in the store of my mother’s advances and he said it is the funniest thing that has happened the entire month. I decided if he was going to tease me I had no choice but to tease him back. I asked him how was my step dad doing and he died with laughter. I was so embarassed because of her advances. I begged my boss please dont fire me because my mom is a dumb ass. He laughed until tears rolled down his face. I am sure my mom sexually harassing my boss could give me fired if my boss didnt have a sense of humor.

Today i called mom after work. She was complaining how cold her air conditioner made her house. Here we are in a mobile home it is well over 100 degrees here! We are running fans, taking cold showers trying to cool down. I even cried in the shower earlier because heat exhaustion. She told me i could come to her air conditioned house with the condition i have to clean her house..As always mom tries to find a way to make me her servant.

Mom is angry because Tom packed up him and his wifes things to live at his mother in laws. Lesa had stents placed in her heart and had tissues removed due to gangrene the home healthcare nurse said their apartment was unsanitary that they had to leave. Mom due to her arguing with my brother weeks Lesa was in the hospital told them to move out and was shocked when they did she expect? She harassed them till they left.. Tom comes by every few days to feed the dogs but is avoiding mom since mom is no longer financially funding his lifestyle.

Mom is furious with me because after work I went back home to spend time with my husband. She wanted me to clean her house and obey her or she will write me out of her will. I told her idgaf give it all away. I wont allow greed to destroy me like it did my family. She went on and on talking over me she has over $100,000 in her bank account. I told her i dont know greed. I have always been poor. I am more jealous of someone who can wash, dry,fold clothes and put them up in 1 day. I would rather earn my money than allow her to jerk around and manipulate me.. if she wants me there admit she needs me quit screaming you will toss me out of the will. She kept talking over me so i hung up on her. I told her learn to take turns. Learn to love your daughter or lose me like you did your son. I think if i get moms money from the will if the time ever comes i will sell everything and move far away. I cannot heal in the place that destroyed me!

When i first started working dad took every penny and screamed i owed him more. He told me i obeyed him or he would leave me homeless. Mom and wouldnt let me pay my own bills and i wasnt allowed to give them grandchildren. I went to college got degrees he took my student grants and loans for bills. Dad went crazy threatened to kill me years ago and i ran away to my boyfriends house. When dad demanded me to return after he theatened to shoot me i refused to return home. He said I could return by his conditions I told him no thanks i am good. I forgave my dad months after he threatened to kill me. He often pointed out how i struggled to pay the bills with my boyfriend told me come back home. I told him home is love not a place that robs you and breaks your spirit.

The last year of my dad’s life i visited we became friends but i never came home to live again. After dad died i removed my things from dads old apartment. My mother thinks greed will keep me coming home..sorry mom i rather do things out of love instead greed. I am not impressed by shiny things.

I have been trying for weeks to build a sewing room in my spare room. Every day off mom throws hissy fits for attention. I told mom I wanted to build my sewing room to start my etsy shop. Mom demanded me to make her masks she will pay me so she can sell them and make a profit. I just want to get my small business off the ground not be manipulated by my mother! I told her if she wants to sell masks make them her damn self quit piggy backing off of me.

I am sitting in the dark in my storage room trying to find silence after the 2 hour argument about how i should run my mom’s chores and clean her house tomorrow. I just want 1 day of sewing masks in peace. I know it will be a miserable hot day tomorrow.. God i wish i had an air conditioner.

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