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  • July 8, 2020, 6:53 p.m.
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in not-health news our former landlord withheld our security deposit too long and THEN lied that he already sent it to try and cover up that it was late, and THEN “reissued” the check, which arrived today, except he tried to take out amounts for bullshit cleaning/repairs that he really does not have the option to do anymore, not only because they were bullshit (normal wear and tear, literally “sweeping” and “dusting” per his itemized list) but because it was late and his time to do that has expired.

edit: plus, he backdated the check to try and appear that he wrote it on time (unfortunately he texted us saying the date he actually wrote it and mailed it to us!) - which by the way is generally regarded as a fraudulent thing to do - AND then he didn’t even remember to put his signature! we could not cash it even if we wanted to!! unbelievable.

so we’re gonna sue him, because under the state property code he is acting in “bad faith” and is now obligated to pay us 3x the original security deposit amount, plus $100, plus attorney’s fees. so, a cool $7,335… plus.

we really weren’t planning on it, even though he was late we just wanted to cash the check and be done with it, because he’s just been such a hassle and we’re ready to move on. but opening the envelope and finding he is STILL trying to take more money out… no. nope. no sir. have fun in small claims court. we will be enjoying our $7k on the other side.

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