dont explain just love in ?

  • July 8, 2020, 1:28 a.m.
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The greatest form of energy is love. You can call it religion or just selfless happiness. As long as what you are doing is for the higher good you will create so much loving energy that it will revive you and make you a better person. Anything done in haterid or pressured by others is exhausting because the body is trying to help you realize you got to do right to feel or be right. If you feel bad ask yourself what is my passion? What can i do to find my highest good? Live good. Allow your energy be so high it inspires others. It doesnt have to be explained. you deserve love! Live it.

~angelicbutterfly~ July 08, 2020

My passion is photography.

*_* ~angelicbutterfly~ ⋅ July 08, 2020

mine used to be..i miss it

~angelicbutterfly~ *_* ⋅ July 08, 2020

Why can't you re-find (?) that passion? Surely you can?

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