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  • July 8, 2020, 6:26 a.m.
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Well, Monday and Tuesday went by and still no nibbles on the sale of the loft. We didn’t have any requests for showings yesterday or today either, kind of bummed about that. I’m pretty sure we are just priced a bit too high. Going to give it until Friday to see what happens.

I’m ok with this situation, taking a little time, feeling the market out, getting however much we can for the place. H is climbing the walls. This is how we are opposites, the fact that nothing can be done and we just need to wait is relaxing to me, but to her it makes her nuts because she can’t control it. To me, the nervous part will be once it is under contract, then we have to get moved fairly quickly. But that will all work itself out in time. I hope!

Nothing much going on today. I did read the news about that letter that is circulating online, which I happen to agree with completely. I mean, if we can’t even talk about differences of opinion, if differences of opinion are out of bounds and require you to be banished or destroyed, we are headed for a dark place in our society. People should not have their lives ruined for holding opinions, often mainstream ones, that a vocal group of people find unpleasant.

I suppose I don’t understand this - the need to insulate yourselves from ever hearing anything that might challenge you or make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have a right to never see anything you don’t like. The fact that something offends me does not mean the other person isn’t within their rights to hold the opinion or express it. I mean, do we believe in free speech or not?

I don’t know. If someone is bugging you online, just unfollow or block them and move on with your life. Why get wound up about it? Do people secretly enjoy being offended now, or are some people just so easily offended that this is a big problem in their life? I can only remember twice that I’ve blocked someone anywhere, once was a long time ago when someone got weird on me from OD, and in the only recent case it was someone who was passive-aggressively writing mean stuff about me after I’d only ever been nice to them, which - whatever. That’s fine. If it makes you feel better about your life to treat people that way, go ahead I suppose, but I’m not here for the drama… not sure why anyone would be.

I guess this is just how people are now - we jump right to getting angry and screaming before we even know what’s going on or have tried to understand the person. They are people, after all, and probably aren’t just really evil… there’s a real person there to understand, if it’s worth your time. Shouldn’t we all be trying to do that? Does it help anyone to see people lose their jobs or reputations over something silly? Is anyone better off for this?

~angelicbutterfly~ July 08, 2020

Taking a break from breaks. That has to be the best. line. EVER!!! LOL!!!!! I left OD too.

~angelicbutterfly~ July 08, 2020

BTW Love the un!

permanent daylight ~angelicbutterfly~ ⋅ July 08, 2020

Thanks. It's my original username from OD circa 1999 / 2000

leftwingheartbreak July 08, 2020

I've only blocked one person online due to harassment

permanent daylight leftwingheartbreak ⋅ July 08, 2020 (edited July 08, 2020)


I guess I wouldn't really call this example harassment, it was... a misunderstanding and an overreaction. My reaction was "wow ok" (and blocked). Like I said I am allergic to drama, haha

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