3 months 24 days post op in Pudendal Decompression Surgery

  • July 7, 2020, 1:34 a.m.
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Things to be greatful for
1) Had a good PT session with a new therapist
2) Had a good time hanging out with my cousin AC by the pool
3) The pain backed off for several hours after PT
4) I was able to get a good nap.
5) Had a good skype Dr. Appt earlier in the day also.

Bad things
1) Very tired today after being outside. My body isn’t used to being in the sun/ heat that long.
2) Had a lot of burning and stabbing pain in the morning before my PT appt, and now later at night.
3) Still dealing with anxiety on and off.
4) Scared to eat because of the pain a little today.
5) Have a lot of stuff to do and trying to find time to work too.

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