2:22 in spectrality

  • July 5, 2020, 2:27 p.m.
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i slept ok but i still woke up uh, with stuff to do. my stomach feels stable now though.

today is the last day of the prep, i can only drink clear liquids for the day and i’m supposed to drink a really (apparently?) nasty liquid at 5PM. and again tomorrow morning. then nothing (not even water) after that for 4 hours.

so much work just for butts!

how do people sleep during this? i’ll be so glad in 24 hours when this is all over!

i was telling dono, the nice thing about it is how time marches onward regardless, it’s just a waiting game. contrast that to unpleasant tasks you can procrastinate on, that don’t get done unless you do them. this is just sort of, suffer through it, time cannot and will not slow down… so just wait long enough and it will work itself out. i find it comforting.

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