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  • July 5, 2020, 1:25 a.m.
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this diary is just gonna turn into a health log for a while i fear.

part of my pituitary tumor is that i have increased levels of growth hormone circulating throughout my body, and likely have for some years now. i suppose in recent years they’ve discovered a link between growth hormone and colon polyps, so a lot of people with this diagnosis start to get colonoscopies, regardless of age. and a fair few of those have colon polyps found and removed.

i don’t really have any GI symptoms that would suggest a problem, but to put my mind at ease anyway (since i am a worrier) i bought a FIT test off amazon… fecal-something-test… like $20. just a little swab test you do at home and get results in 5 minutes. thought i was being so smart doing that, being all preventative, smugly thinking i would do it and it would be clear and then i could stop worrying. then it came back positive!

it’s fine i guess, since i don’t have symptoms it’s enough to keep my worrying in check, but that dooooooes mean i have to do a colonoscopy. on monday. so i’m finishing day 2 of 3 of prep. which is why, i guess, i’m still awake instead of in bed with dono like usual. because i drank 10 oz of magnesium citrate at 5PM and i am stiiiiiill running back and forth......

also, i drive down to houston next tuesday to meet the neurosurgeons. i’m annoyed because the imaging center who did my MRI was supposed to mail me a CD/DVD with all the media imagery on it… because i have to take that with me. they took 2 weeks processing the paperwork to send me back the same paper results i already have. i clearly checked “electronic media”! goddamn.

also i hate fireworks and everyone who does it, especially in my city where it is plainly illegal and my pets are scared stupid and it is now 12:24 AM and they are still popping off because consideration is not a cultural trait we value in this country. because our ‘culture’ is garbage. ok byeeeeeeeeeeee

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