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  • July 5, 2020, 12:24 a.m.
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I wanted to start my etsy shop today. I wanted to sew some things to put in my shop. I made scrunchies one was to large. The other i hand sewed and it looked bad. I gave one scrunchie away to a potential customer. I was going to use a sewing machine but due to how hot the house is i simply couldnt get in the right frame of mind to appreciate and value the creative process. I really wish i had air conditioning!

My family has had me so stressed. Sister in law still in hospital my mom keeps crying wolf about getting psychiatric care. Life is simply to distracting.. maybe there is so many bumps in the road because me running a business simply isnt meant to be.

I will try again once things are calmer. Maybe if i tell God my plans he wont laugh and flip them upside down this time..

Kristi1971 July 05, 2020

Meanwhile, keep practicing with the sewing machine. You will want to have a good supply on hand to open a shop. Customers appreciate fast and reliable service. If you are posting an order on Etsy, have the order made and waiting. Have all your shipping materials by your side. That way you can package up the order right away and get it to the post office to weigh and ship. Soooo....keep working that sewing machine, girl! Keep your dreams forward, so you can get through now. Plus if you keep your dreams in front of you, it might help deal with all the crazy stuff. The crazy stuff is just going to keep happening anyway. Hugs. You can do it.

Lunchbox July 05, 2020

Keep trying! Learning new skills takes time. I agree with what the other commenter said. Build up an inventory and then put up your Etsy shop. It will make things a lot easier for you.

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