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  • July 4, 2020, 9:01 p.m.
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Hi all, Happy Fourth to my fellow Americans!

Not too much going on. We relaxed all day, not much going on in this area in terms of things to do on the 4th of July. Went to an ice cream shop tonight and took a walk around the park where I used to live. It was pretty warm out, 90 F I think, but it was good to do something even if the usual grilling and parties are out this year.

Not much news on the sale of the loft yet. We’ve been on MLS for 7 days now, we’ve had 4 showings (#5 tomorrow). Only one person really interested, but they have not made an offer yet. I expected a little more interest, but it might just be a bit slow because of the holiday week. We’ll see what the week brings.

Hopefully, Lord willing, a month from tomorrow I’ll be picking up keys to the new place…

Oh, I had a proud guitar moment last night. H went to bed at about 11:00, which is her typical practice, and I usually am up until about 1:00. So I was in the music room where her piano is and all my guitar stuff is. I was playing through headphones so the amp was silent, but somehow I woke her up anyway and she came to the door (startled me because I was facing away) and was like “Was that you? That sounded amazing, I didn’t know you were so good” haha. I mean, I’m not that great of a player but sometimes I can rip off some nice leads. I’m always playing through headphones at home so she doesn’t get to hear the flat out rock sounds very often. Apparently they make me sound better than I am. :P

Anyway, it felt good that she was only hearing the acoustic sound of the guitar (not the rock tone coming through the amp) and thought it was so good she got out of bed to tell me so. :)

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Ginger Snap July 05, 2020

That's awesome!

I hope your loft sells soon. I'm sure it will - you've had a lot of showings. Good luck for a great price!

permanent daylight Ginger Snap ⋅ July 05, 2020

Thanks! I hope so! We got pretty good feedback from the people who were here today!

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