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  • July 4, 2020, 5:08 p.m.
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For the reno, I take out the old countertop and sink from the accessory kitchen and put them in the back corner of our yard where I build up my junk that has to go to the dump.
“You’re throwing that out?”, my missus asks when she sees the sink and countertop out in the yard.
“But it is still good”
“For what?”
My missus will save dead batteries because “there may be some power left in them”. I am forever throwing away dead batteries.
“Maybe we could make an outdoor kitchen”.
I lost my hoarding instincts long ago, eventually ending up with most everything I own as carryon luggage. I regret throwing away some of the things I’ve thrown away. But I can remove that clutter from my mind if I want.

Watching fireworks is ok.
Recording fireworks is stupid.
Watching virtual fireworks is stupid. Somethings have to be live to be any good at all.
Personally, I think they should outlaw fireworks.
And stupidity.

Some people don’t understand sunk costs. They cling to things because they have time and/or money invested in them.
I like history, not nostalgia.
I don’t like chunky things in my ice cream.

My neighbour’s tree is marked for removal. There is a big red circle painted on it. It is always a sad day when a tree comes down but I hope I’m around to watch.

I sit on my front porch and catch the occasional whiff of skunk. Where is that bastard? I hope he is not living under my pool shed.

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