My Chocolate Twin in Roomies

  • July 2, 2020, 6:42 p.m.
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You can imagine how surprised Michelle and the others were to learn that I not only had a twin but a chocolate twin, as I would commonly refer to her as while she referred to me as her vanilla twin.

Our mother is white and our dad is black. It isn’t unheard of for a black and white couple to have twins that are also black and white.

One day, we decided it was time to visit my parents down in southern Arizona. I hadn’t seen them in a while and looked forward to introducing them to the others for the second time. They met Michelle and the others on a trip up to NorCal the previous year but had yet to meet my twin.

Jamie didn’t drive at all and the only place I felt comfortable driving was my home state because of the many wide-open and deserted areas. Phoenix was one thing but out in the rural areas where my parents lived was another. No matter how much of a driving phobia you had, it was so easy to forget all about it when the roads were so flat and straight, and you almost never passed anyone else on the road.

So we flew from San Francisco down to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport where Michelle drove most of the way toward the small town of Stanfield where my parents had a sprawling ranch with horses, a tennis court, and a lavish swimming pool and spa. My chocolate twin Ashlyn, who is married to a guy, agreed to meet us there. Her husband couldn’t join us because he had to work.

Once we got out of the city limits, I took over the driving. “Now remember,” I said glancing next to me at Michelle and then in the backseat where Angela and Jamie sat, “don’t freak out when you see me drive at breakneck speed on the dirt part. Everybody does it and it’s the only way to keep from getting stuck. It’s not hard-packed. It’s soft like beach sand.”

“Gotcha,” they said. So off we flew into the desert at a whopping 80 miles an hour to my parents’ property which could be seen long before we approached it over the vast, empty expanse of tumbleweed and sage.

The others were amazed to see my darker twin and I standing side-by-side. They thought we were adorably cute.

“It’s like seeing Katie in chocolate,” Michelle exclaimed with a laugh as we all gathered in the pool.

“Yeah, it is,” Angela agreed, “Just a darker version of Katie. We should take them both back with us and double the cuteness.”

It was a fun day for all seven of us. While we were in the pool, Michelle and Angela mostly spoke with my parents while I hung out with my twin and Jamie, engaged in our own conversation at the other end of the lengthy pool.

Together we all enjoyed a scrumptious BBQ that night cooked to perfection by my dad.

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