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  • July 2, 2020, 9:41 p.m.
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The trip to Kodiak was both fun and cold. Michelle had to work a case in Nevada in which I was unable to accompany her on. Angela, however, got clearance to take both Jamie and I with her when hunting a serial rapist in Kodiak, Alaska.

The daytime was boring because all Jamie and I could do was sit around and wait for Angela in our hotel room. We were instructed not to go anywhere for fear of getting lost, or worse, running into the monster they were trying to catch. No chance of falling prey to the bastard, though, because we weren’t about to go out in the freezing cold in some strange town that we didn’t know.

Despite being happily married and attracted to Michelle, one of the fun highlights was the three of us snuggling up at night and on breaks. That was the only good side to the cold, snowy weather but we would have cuddled up together in this situation, anyway. The room had just one king-size bed, so we all had to pile in together.

But oh, how I hated being out in the cold in the snow which, fortunately, wasn’t very often. Our safety was everyone’s number one concern and Angela, as well as other Marshals, FBI agents and local law enforcement, weren’t going to take any chances by putting us at risk. We ate down in the hotel’s restaurant during the three days and two nights we were there and didn’t leave the hotel much at all. Angela warned us never to open the door without an officer showing their ID through the peephole and stating the codeword, Renaissance.

Even though we were rarely outside the hotel, it was so cold that winter in Kodiak that you could practically freeze just getting close to a door or a window. Just looking at the snow-covered landscape and cloudy skies above could be enough to send a chill throughout you. We knew San Francisco wasn’t Miami but it sure was a lot warmer than Kodiak, and as much as we enjoyed our time together and the fact that it was a break from the same old routine in the same old place, we looked forward to going home and warming up.

Angela was in and out all day and even had to leave in the middle of the night during the last night we were there when the sicko they’d been hunting was finally caught. Because I always loved Angela and was attracted to her as well, even if it was in a different way than I was with Michelle, I loved it when Jamie and I could snuggle up with her. Jamie was always a very easy-going person, even though she did have her emotional moments, and never had a problem with the fact that Angela liked having both of us close by when the opportunity presented itself. Perhaps that’s because like Michelle, she knew neither of us would do anything beyond hugging and kissing on less intimate body parts like the head or cheek.

Breakfast and lunch were usually eaten in the room. If Angela couldn’t dine with us, an officer would bring us something.

After a wonderfully warm dinner down in the restaurant, the three of us would then take our satisfied bellies back up to the room and check in with Michelle by phone.

During the daytime, the room felt like a prison of sorts and so it was great to get out and really stretch our legs. We had nothing to do but read and watch TV all day. Jamie would sometimes do crossword puzzles while I updated my journal.

The room had a totally different feel to it after returning from dinner with Angela in the evening. By day it was a dismally lit prison in which we waited and waited for Angela to come and rescue us. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like we suffered in any way. It was a fun sort of prison because it was only for a few days and it gave us an excuse to basically goof off and do whatever we wanted within the room that we could do. I could read anytime, I could write any time, or I could just lay there and stare at the ceiling. I could do anything but leave the damn room, LOL.

By night the room was a softly lit haven with a bit of an adventurous atmosphere as well as a relaxing one if that makes any sense. Angela would lie in the middle of the bed with Jamie and me at her sides. It was warm and comforting and I felt very content in those moments. I felt safe and secure. Angela’s body heat and the downy soft comforter provided a stark contrast of warmth to the biting cold outside in which the wind whipped against the window all night long, sometimes howling as if crying to break into our little sanctuary.

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