Camming in Roomies

  • July 2, 2020, 9:40 p.m.
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I cammed not too many years ago. I wanted to make extra money on the side just for kicks, but I didn’t want to lie to Michelle either. I thought about not saying anything at first but then I knew I would have to explain where the money came from eventually. It’s not like I could throw it in our checking account without her noticing the extra income. I definitely didn’t want to lie to her about its origin. Besides, she was a detective. So of course she would figure it out. So I thought I would at least try to play it down a little bit and say that I would simply be talking with people.

Sure enough, she knew I wasn’t just “talking” since that could be done without a webcam. But I wanted to try it at least once, I was an adult, and it was my life after all. So I cammed for a few hours one night and was surprised by all the money I made. However, even though I was slim and with good features, I didn’t make much after that. It was like I had a case of beginner’s luck. But it was still interesting for the brief time I did it.

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