Safety in Numbers in Roomies

  • July 2, 2020, 8:39 p.m.
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Michelle and Angela’s mission in life wasn’t just to capture and apprehend criminals but to keep us safe as well. We definitely had a few scary close calls along the way. It isn’t just those in law enforcement that have to be careful but also those they’re close to as well. Sometimes the crazy criminals in this world find it more satisfactory to go after what matters most to those that brought them down rather than just those that brought them down.

No one actually came after Jamie and I but there were rumors of threats and sometimes our cozy yet comfy little home was teeming with cops for extra protection. They had a way of making it seem like lots of fun too. To me, it felt almost like an exciting event that really added some variety into the picture.

Michelle and Angela worked odd hours and always made a point of not leaving Jamie and I alone. We didn’t want to be alone regardless because we had simply come to be people who didn’t like being alone for long under any circumstances anyway, so they didn’t get any fuss from us. We were happy to be in someone’s company as long as they didn’t make us uncomfortable in any way. Being the wives of fellow officers, we were always treated with the utmost respect.

I won’t name any names. Not cases. Not criminals. Not law enforcement officials. One time there was a team of cops downstairs that took turns sleeping while the four of us slept upstairs in our bedrooms and I can assure you I felt just as safe as I would if I was actually at the police station. As I said, they really had a way of turning a serious and critical moment into something fun and exciting. They were watchful and professional in every sense of the word but there was a lot of laughter and joking in our very full house on the half a dozen or so occasions when extra protection was called for.

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