Jumping Around in Roomies

  • July 3, 2020, 1:35 a.m.
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I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to start from the beginning of my life or just the beginning of when I met Michelle and the others. And what order did I want to tell my story in? After wasting time thinking about it, I decided to jump around a bit. I’ll document whatever comes to mind whenever I have free time and the mood strikes. So sometimes I’ll tell you something from 10, 20 or 30 years ago and other times I’ll tell you something that’s going on right now.

There really isn’t much to tell about my childhood because it was so boringly ordinary. Considering some of the horror stories I’ve heard many people tell about their own childhoods, I suppose that’s a good thing!

I had working married parents and two siblings. We lived in a nice house with a spacious yard.

Okay, so what am I in the mood to discuss this calm, quiet evening while the rest of the household sleeps? How about the beginning of us?

Angela was the first one I met and to be honest, I didn’t like her much at first and thought she didn’t like me either. She’s a retired US Marshal who has a bit of a gruff exterior, though she really is human on the inside, LOL. Angela’s just one of those that doesn’t take to just anyone and it takes time for her to get to really know someone and feel comfortable enough to share much with. While she and my husband Michelle, a former homicide detective, have certainly shared more about their cases that they have worked on over the years, I honestly believe that Angela has shared more personal stuff with me than with her wife Jamie. As much as we all love Jamie, Jamie proved years ago that she can’t keep a secret very well when she accidentally divulged the fact that Angela once saved my life, something I’ll get into in another entry.

Jamie is also not very bright. Her one and only talent is cooking. She is an amazing cook and she has been the household cook while I’ve been the household housekeeper as our hubbies are the main breadwinners. She and I have done various things outside of home, unlike our hubbies who have pretty much done the same thing throughout their careers before we all retired.

So back to Angela. She’s 5 ft 8 in tall, slender, with blue eyes and light brown hair. She’s a German native and never lost her accent even though she’s been in the country since she was around 20. She doesn’t have any family left and is seldom in touch with any extended family members she may still have back in her homeland.

Because the US Marshal Service is a federal branch of the government that goes beyond nationwide, her knowledge of German can be helpful. She also knows some Greek and Turkish whereas I have studied mostly romance languages in the past. Spanish is my best language, but I do know some Italian and German. I actually learned some German before we met and I remember the day I surprised her by suddenly answering one of her questions in German, LOL. I still smile when I think about it and how surprised she was.

Different branches of law enforcement sometimes occupy the same building or close enough to it. And sometimes they have reason to visit these buildings even if they don’t actually work there. Well, Angela was in and out of one section of one of the buildings in San Francisco where we all met and lived for many years. I had recently been hired as a typist. I also did other odds and ends to help out around the place. This was back in 1987. Computers, cell phones and all those fun gadgets weren’t a regular part of life back then, of course, so a lot of things had to be done by hand or typed up on an old-fashioned typewriter.

Without getting into detail or dialogue and all that, I was attracted to Angela right away but not her personality. As I said, she came off as harsh and moody. One time I asked if she wanted to get a cup of coffee with me. She started to say something and then someone called out to her. She started talking to them and basically brushed me off and into thinking she just wasn’t interested.

A few months passed and then I was working in a different section of the building when I met Michelle. I was hot for her right away. She’s 5 ft 5 in tall, average weight, and has very expressive brown eyes and thick dark curly hair. She appears tough and no one you want to mess with, but she doesn’t look like a “butch.” Most people might suspect that both Angela and Michelle could be lesbians because they’re not very feminine but at the same time, they’re far from masculine-looking. I guess they’re sort of in the middle, though Angela looks more feminine with longer hair. Michelle always has hers at least a few inches below the shoulders, but Angela goes back and forth from the shoulders to the waist.

Anyway, Michelle and I hit it off from the get-go and we both knew we were attracted to each other. We took it slow, though. We got to know each other a little bit more each time we’d run into each other in the building. Then Angela popped back into the picture and while Angela was still Angela, she seemed to loosen up a bit as she got to know me more now that we would be in each other’s presence more often. I had a fleeting thought that she may be disappointed that I ended up with Michelle as she realized that she had come to like me at least a little, but I quickly wrote it off as nothing. I mean it was something that I sensed very subtly like it was barely there hanging in the air or something like that, but I never made much of it. I was too focused on Michelle. Angela was good looking, but Michelle was even better looking and she and I were more compatible. I preferred her more outgoing and compassionate character to Angela’s serious and too quiet personality.

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