dogs abused, fights with family, charges eventually pressed? in ?

  • July 2, 2020, 2:22 p.m.
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I took the day off from work because mom said after my sister in laws family kicked in the door at moms house and screamed at us mom said that they were no longer welcome on the property and she wanted to press charges. They screamed at how because how dare we break into a house to feed dogs hasnt been fed or watered in 5 days! We kept asking Tom to break in and care for the dogs we finally get permission from the owner my mom, my sister in law/my brother the no paying renters and police. I told Tom I know he is going through a hard time but his dogs need cared for! I go uptown for basically the magistrate told us they can do nothing about destruction of propety unless while they are kicking in the door and up in our face the police must be called and we must find a way to detain them till the police get there. wtf. Put up no trespassing signs if they still get on property call the police.

I was told by Lesa’s mother I no longer have a brother. My family is nothing but drama and to never talk to them again because they wont talk to me or ever be back on my moms property i asked her if that is a promise because destruction of property is illegal and destroying moms house isnt a good idea because Lesa’s mother is angry her daughter is in the hospital is just channeling her anger on us instead of the disease. She asked me why dont i clean their house she got angry cause i said Tom and Lesa grown if they want to live in filth,shit and cockroaches that their business! I only stepped in cause the dogs were going hungry.

Lesa’s mother accused me of harassments swore she read my text messages. I told her if she read text messages she realise i dont have Lesa’s phone number and i have text tom less than a dozen times in over 2 months. She asked me why dont i talk to my brother. I told her because of shit like this. She was furious when I told her they were all toxic. I am focusing on my own life not them.

She accused us of theft i told her give us evidence. She said God told her. I told her she might need to get help for schizophrenia. I told her back it up with evidence or shut up! She said Tom and Lesa never steal.. wow little does she know the thousands tom and lesa spent on my moms credit card with no repayment. They said they were entitled to do so after they stole the credit card. Mom been trying not to press charges but the truth might come to the light soon. Mom says she doesnt want to press charges in fear of losing a son. I told her if he stealing thousands the way he did he is already lost.

Lesa’s mother confessed she called the dog catcher to try to get Bear put to sleep because he don’t like that he barks. Lesa’s mother threatened to murder Bear. On her way to the car i was petting Bear. Telling him he is a good boy. She asked me how can i pet that monster. I told her according to the behaviors i have seen from her family obviously monsters are human. At least with the dog you know what to expect.

Lesa’s mother informed us next week when Lesa comes home she is staying the entire week. No she is not because police will be called. They are no longer welcome. Since she said my brother no longer belongs to us he can go too.. maybe if they steal from Lesa’s family a bit they will realise what pieces of shit my brother and Lesa is.

Idk how everything is going to happen but 1 thing is for certain I tend to avoid every last one of them if they harass me related or not everyone gets charges and jailtime. I am done. I dont have a brother anymore.

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