Onycholysis? in Shared Moments

  • July 6, 2020, 9:50 p.m.
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Hey, if anyone out there uses Windows 10, can you let me know in a note, please? I have a few questions.

Sent my doc a message about my lymph nodes, including giving her some history regarding when I first noticed the one in my neck, the nodules discovered in the ultrasound from before I started seeing her, and my root canal. I was hoping against hope that she would reply with some simple tips and pointers but instead, all she said was that while swollen lymph nodes were usually benign, she’d like to schedule an appointment, so please reply and let her know if that’s okay so they can call me. I declined, saying that I’d rather wait until our October appointment since I’m not in any serious pain. Plus, there’s the virus and money to consider, especially the virus.

There were 30 new cases today in our ZIP code alone. 9 dead in my city, if you can believe it. They tend to under-report. If I had to guess, I would say the global death count is really over a million. Still not that worrisome out of 7 billion people but we still need to play it safe as much as we can.

I’m now wondering if what’s going on with my fingernails is onycholysis. When I looked at images, the pictures I saw look similar to how my nails look right now. My guess is that the Lamisil isn’t going to do me any good any more than staring at red dots for 3 minutes a day is going to improve my vision. I’ll still give it more time, and at least I’m not in any pain from that either.

I offered to visit Dixie yesterday, but she was tired. She’s tired today too but says to let her know if I want to come down. She says Diane’s being a brat and she’s doing some paperwork for a living trust.

I let her know that I’ll probably take the bike out around 8 and will look for her then. I’ve been enjoying a mix of exercise. I ended up getting a total of an hour yesterday doing 15 minutes of biking, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the skier, and 15 minutes of dance cardio.

Damn, does the girl in the video make it look easy! But hey, she’s probably 25 years old and 110 pounds. When you’re as heavy as I am, you don’t realize just how much your arms weigh until you start waving them around like crazy. LOL

I’ve got over 2K words for Camp NaNo. Hate the fucking site now, though. If it weren’t for my buddies I would have left. Things are harder to edit, it said I won when I accidentally entered the numbers incorrectly, and I can’t even see my synopsis or excerpt. The whole site sucks.

Since it’s been a while, I let the rat run around, but he only stayed out for barely 10 minutes. So cute. He really is a good rat. Not the greatest but a damn good one. You can tell he’s getting old, though, because his fur is starting to thin out.

All was peaceful last night except for a few scattered firecrackers/works. Days definitely suck. They’re hard to sleep during and the noisiest, too. They’re only good for appointments and they do help my mood unless it’s winter or I’m alone too much. Cold, cloudy dreary days can get to me as they did in Oregon.

Tom said he didn’t hear it but saw the circular saw in the driveway when he went to pick up some mail. Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t there for decoration and that he was just unable to hear it from his office when it was running. I slept till 4, so I was lucky enough to miss that and the water shut-off.

In the mail were 4 perfume samples for women and 2 for men. They all smell nice.

Had a series of disjointed dreams where we were in a hotel, but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with moving. We knew the woman in the room next to us and while I was in our room, I heard her shout out and was worried something happened to her. I kept my eyes on the crack under our door for fear of seeing movement from someone who might be after me next.

Then I grabbed my phone and called Tom who was down in the hotel’s casino - were we in Vegas? I asked what happened and he said the girl just hit her head and that she hired someone to help him win that night.

Then I was outdoors where I was thinking it was such a beautiful day. I looked overhead and saw these strange looking trees, leaves now fully budded as if it was springtime. I walked on and came across a swimming pool where three or four girls in their twenties were happily splashing about.

Then it was nighttime, and we were in our hotel room again when I noticed he left a light on in the room’s closet. I tried to tell Alexa to turn it off and then realized that the room wasn’t “smart.” I also realized I’d forgotten to take my sound machine but managed to find white noise somewhere on the TV.

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