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  • July 3, 2020, 5:39 p.m.
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855 Camp NaNo words written with more to come in a little while.

They closed the clubhouse again and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were locked down again. Tom doesn’t think we will be, though. On the 6th, the water will be off for six hours but I’ll be asleep during that time. First time they had the decency to give us a few days warning.

Since I really like Mac better than Windows as Windows is missing so many handy features or just don’t work in the way I would like compared to Mac, we were thinking that if we get another stimulus check, I’ll get an iPad. I probably shouldn’t and instead should treat it as reimbursement for all the dental work I’ve had to have done but we’ll see. Would appreciate feedback and advice from anyone currently using any Mac device other than iPhones.

Although they say they need to conduct more studies, a small study was done shining red light into about 24 women and men’s eyes and it was found that it helped their vision. Well, I certainly could use all the help I can get! You only need to do this for 3 minutes a day. So I’m staring into a large red dot on my monitor for 3 minutes each day and I’ll do this for the rest of the month and see if there’s any difference.

We went to Rite Aid earlier since Walmart was out of some things. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it but everyone had masks on. Only one dumb cock came in without a mask.

I visited with Dixie yesterday evening and it was one of the nicest visits. She didn’t ramble on as much and I didn’t feel the conversation was too one-sided. She actually asked me about some things and seemed interested in my Camp NaNo project. Sent her the first few chapters.

Marsauthor July 03, 2020

Congrats on your word count so far. Glad you have someone interested in your project. I'm glad a friend of mine is and had read what I sent her so far has all good. Letters and poems and stories. Just some stuff ends up being repetitive sometimes and isnt much into my stories much but one she dindt line the rest was good and the one she didn't like well that's okay. Happy writing this holiday weekend to you.

J🌞DI Marsauthor ⋅ July 03, 2020

Glad she's reading and giving you feedback. Yeah, my neighbor is reading a little at a time. I'm emailing her a few chapters at a time.

Marsauthor J🌞DI ⋅ July 04, 2020

That's good to hear. Yep but shes back and fourth with whether to text or not everything over mail and In person or not she says to whatever I want whenever I aski fi she wants by text and not mailman in person yet she says texts is the way to go remenber lol so yep. Thats my story but yeah I get to do what I want but texts and in person is much easier than mail mail is expensive but it's not bad compared to other countries where they have to pay more say Germany. Unless you neccessary have to mail there are other ways around mailing I'm thankful for that

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