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  • June 30, 2020, 1:22 a.m.
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So I woke up this morning at Dawn…

Because, the witchy hours start with the planetary ruler for the day… so Tuesday is ruled by Mars, Dawn is the first hour of Mars....

The witchy hours (or planetary hours) work like this…So you work out the exact time of sunrise, and the exact time of sunset… Then divide by 12. Then sunset to sunrise, and divide by 12 again.... there are the tables used to work it out. So a wiccan hour is not a full hour of 60 minutes, the wiccan hours are shorter in winter when day light is shortest, and the wiccan hour is longer throughout the night, its around the other way in summer. I just download an app, and it tells me when the hours are.

A planetary day - is all day, and all night. So from sunrise, and through to the next sunrise is one planetary day, or witchy day. Then the hours are divided up according to the planets, hours of daylight, and hours of night time.

Sunday - Sun - Success, winning , career, promotions, start a new endeavour, apply for a totally different job, etc

Monday - Moon - psychic energy - emotions, nurture, reflection - I do readings on Mondays
Tuesday - Tyr - Mars - Battle duelling, justice, court work, legal work,
Wednesday - Odin - Mercury - Balance, protection, enemy work, magic - I make oils etc

Thursday - Thor - Jupiter - abundance, wealth, knowledge, study, money working, prosperity work, do your assignment, apply for a loan, ask for a raise

Friday - Freya - Venus - Beauty, Health, home, hearth workings, Get your nails done, love romance, go on a date on a Friday, go on a first date, have friends over for a meal, have a party

Saturday - Saturn - Enemy work, sending things away, endings, banishings, protection. completion,

So because i’d had enough of this shit fest in my street, I started at dawn basically working on this battle here, and getting it out of my face.

I ended up staying in my room until about 2pm doing heaps of stuff.

Mr B made a few phone calls, the first was my last entry with their housing provider.

The second phone call was to the detective who is looking after this. so he could send us the police event number to go on our email to housing provider for the blow up last Thursday, when drug mum called the police on me hours after the event at 10pm.

The detective said, they were served a Notice to Quit during last week. Its the next step in the eviction process. so they were put in the tenancy tribunal. Drug family turned it around and were given one last chance. Sometime last week they got a letter in the mail… Notice to Quit, means they have so many days to cease a certain activity and they’re going back into the tribunal.

They were found to have three extra additional people to be living illegally at the property, undeclared in social housing. Drugmum, her niece, and her nephew I call drug cousin. They were told to cease residing at the property. Its stupid, because Drugmum was allocated her own social housing house a while ago, so she’s not residing in it, who is? has she sublet it out, or is she hoarding more family members there and ripping that off too?

They were told to cease all dirt bike activity

They were told to cease all illegal drug activity

They were told to cease all unapproved rennovations to the property

They were told to cease heavy drug use that is well known within the family

They were told to leave their neighbors alone.

I wonder if they received this notice, prior to the big blue in the street last Thursday night? Or if this what triggered Drugmum’s psychotic episode and bizarre behaviour in the street on Friday?

Mr B discussed what Drugmum was doing that day with the detective. Detective said I was made aware of her behvaviour by other residents in the street.

At least that notice prompted Kathy’s bullshit stunt on Sunday night.

Then on Monday Mr B posted in the facebook community page details of how to lodge complaints about the out of control social housing tenants in the area.

When Mr B told me this, I nearly broke out a happy dance.

So drugmum isn’t living there anymore? but its amazing how much of the shit here can be attributed to one group of people. You can tell the whole vibe of the street has changed, the drugs just aren’t here.... so the druggies, and everything that comes along with them are somewhere else right now…

But why the fuck, would Bigmouth Neighbor even step into this shitfest? This could all come back on her as well, she has a partner, and kids and a life… why would you risk a roof over your head, to be involved in this?

I honestly hope they do get finally evicted and the house can go to someone really desperate that needs it right now. Someone really nice and good that needs to catch a break.

I’m happy. I can sleep at night. Its all getting somewhere.

Ive been looking for houses for us, there just isn’t anything on the market right now. I really want something close by and just around the corner. I don’t want to have to navigate a whole new supermarket, or find a new barrista or nail salon (I like shellac nails), or find a new late night chemist or medical centre, or library… I’m so sick of moving around the universe.... I want to move in the dead of winter, and get organised so come spring time, I can plant roses, the poisons garden, some herbs, and snow peas, and strawberries. I like growing spinach myself… I always seem to fail at root vegetables…

There’s so much I want to do, besides battling drug dealers and ferals, and kicking the local police up the arse, just to have a little peace and quiet.

I haven’t even heard a drug burn out for at least two consecutive days!

Its blissful!

Its a shame it been so much work, but honestly, i’m so glad we are getting somewhere.

I don’t mean to be such a bitch.

But sometimes, I just have to be.

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