Another night, another movie. in Parisienne

  • June 29, 2020, 9:36 p.m.
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I am putting together a little summer homeschooling project for my daughter. We homeschool & she would like to continue throughout the summer. She adores nature. We often learn outdoors, well within reach of different animals, insects, flowers, trees, etc. There is a lot to learn in the backyard alone. I am trying to find something a little more creative. I would like to give her all the gifts nature has to offer.

We are considering adopting a cat. It can be lonely when it is just the two of us. My husband has been back to work most days. The odd time he is able to work from home.

The past two nights, we have gathered wine & the cheeseboard to watch movies. I continually let him choose as I am indifferent to what to watch. I prefer more independent films. I enjoy almost all movies though.

I have managed to run faster this week. I am getting back to where I once was with my health. There is beauty in painstakingly keeping records of this journey.

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