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  • June 29, 2020, 7:20 p.m.
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Mr B spoke to their property manager this morning.

He wants everything in writing, photos, the footage of what bigmouth neighbor did. He’s putting them in a court room.

Yesterday Mr B put up a post in the community facebook page with a photo of our windscreen and explained the security system we installed, how easy it is, pm me and I’ll tell you all about it.

He also wrote how the community housing residents are intimidating the neighbourhood and wrote the contact details for them and that our town is currently a priority for them.

Then we wrote about the dirt bikes, drug dealers, drug runners, drug cars, children and teenage lookouts and since we put the cameras up, the difference is noticeable.

The post got alot of attention and prompted some really good communication and discussions, we encourage more people to get cameras, and how we are handling all of this, heaps of people were talking

There’s another page for stolen dirt bikes in the area, we referenced it and I said I’ve definitely seen several bikes off that page here in the last week… A boy kids peewee 50 (was on drug family front lawn two days ago), a white orange KTM been hand sprayed black (in drug street), a red and white one (drug grandson rides) and as I was writing a white 250cc with numbers 18? Went south down drug street…

The owners of those bikes were talking and having a go…

Locals were telling Mr B to kick the crap out of the mongrels. He said I can’t. I’m not allowed. I’ve represented the country in traditional martialarts, but trust me, I want too. I’m allowed to defend myself or subdue them until police arrive. But sometimes the only thing holding me back is my wife.

drugfamily came online being stupid and admins removed and closed comments. But the original post is still there with the beginning of the discussion.

Heaps of people were PMing us, photos of their bikes and if I had seen them, having whole discussions about drug family

But alot of people were really interested in our cameras and how we did it. Mr B spent all day just chatting to them.

After the comments were closed two car loads of people rocked up at drug house and sat by their cars talking about obviously us. drug granny came outside and stood there just looking at our house.

I stayed inside.

I cranked my music…

I played Lilly Allen - Fuck you

John Butler - don’t want to see your face

Screaming Jets - Better

Disturbed - Sound of Silence


Then eventually they went away and everything went quiet and I went to bed.

Unis Pacis

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