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  • June 26, 2020, 11:37 p.m.
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So far my sister in law has had a stent placed in her heart, has cancer and due to refusing to take medicine for her diabetes has ended up with gangrene. Part of the muscles in her butt had to been removed. Her next surgeries is removing a chunk out of her leg and due to unfortunate circumstances part of her vagina will need to be removed. They are concerned due to her teeth issues gangrene is starting to show. They are talking about whether removing all her teeth is a good idea. Honestly she hasnt been able to eat in months i question i think surgery on her mouth should improve her quality of life.. Give her a break remove the teeth. Idk if she will get used to eating solids again. It would be nice if Lesa had the chance.

Lesa was sent to the psychiatrist after she told the doctor she wishes she would just die to be with her stillborn children. She tried to leave demanding to sign herself out. They told her the infection might kill her but Lesa says she rather die at home instead in the hospital. Lesa now has a 24/7 nurse with her because they fear she will commit suicide. Honestly idk if she would of not. Lesa is so tired of life and stressed she is capable of really anything.

Tom and his mother in law has been staying with Lesa. Tom says he wishes they put her in a medical coma till she heals. He cant stand to see her in pain amd he is tired her ripping out her feeding tube, ripping off ports in her arms and the catheter out trying to walk out. He is tired her fighting with nurses. He told them just put her to sleep but doctor say not yet.

Tom is in Morgantown trying to help Lesa. I haven’t seen her because i keep going to work trying just to get by.

I have bought fabric to make masks. If Lesa makes it out of her surgery i plan to give her some nice face covers. I bought skull fabric to make her happy. With what fabric i got left i might make an etsy shop to sell for profit.

I am so tired. I just need to sleep..night

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