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  • June 26, 2020, 9:37 p.m.
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I was a latecomer to bingo, tonight. I am paid up for the whole month, but did not think that I was going to go. Actually, I was going to let another person play my cards, and keep any prizes they would have won, but they did not show up tonight. I was there by about 8:10pm. It begins at 6pm. It was an afterthought, after learning that my friend did not arrive. By the time I got there, the games left to play were the postage stamp, t-game , several single bingos, the six pack, and finally the coverall. It is all in fun.
Today, maintenance came to fix the clogged drain in my bathtub. That was nice of them. :)
Bear has not had an easy time ofit. I explained to Bear that his roommate’s loud outbursts, swearing and the constant loud playing of his television is probably due to the fact that he is angry about something. I will bet you that the staff is not even aware of the underlying cause. I worked in a nursing home in which there was a resident whom stayed in a private room. Whenever the aides or nurses would bring him a tray of food he would either refuse the food, and would sometimes even throw the tray at them. During my shift, one of my duties was to administer to this gentleman, his medications. At first he was very difficult to deal with. Then I tried understanding him. I tried to ask him about how he was feeling. Eventually he openedup to me, emotionally and he felt comfortable sharing his story with me. He told me that his anger stemmed from his immediate family’s placing him in an intermediate care facility. I was empathetic. I was the only staff member from whom he would accept his food tray. I was the only staff member with whom he wished to speak. Eventually, I believe, his attitude changed for the better. So, as I said, if the staff wheretogBearis could get this resident to talk, it might help. As it is, he is basically obnoxious and belligerant, unfortunately. That wears on Bear b/c he has to take the brunt of it, 24 hours per day. Today Bear voiced c/o constipation and severe physical discomfort in his left knee. I suggested that he ask his aides to help him to put a pillow behind his affected knee, to help w/ the discomfort. I do not feel that his present dosage of Tylenol is holding him. By that, I mean that he is experiencing breakthrough pain, which is any discomfort experienced by the patient, in between doses of their analgesic or anti-inflammatory medication. Today, in the mail I received a letter from the nursing home stating that they are holding a tele-conference for the families of the residents. It may be attended by downloading an app or over the phone. It may be helpful to Bear if I attend these conferences and voice any concerns that Bear or I might have regarding his care plan.
The 4th of July Bash is one week away. Tuesday, I go for my 4 month check up w/ my primary care physician. While there, I will receive my vitamin B12 injection. On the 2nd, my oldest daughter is taking me grocery shopping at walmart so that I can buy groceries, and also things that I said I would donate for the cookout.
More tomorrow, my friends.

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