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  • June 26, 2020, 12:08 a.m.
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Today before work the central air caught on fire in my mobile home. My husband turned it on trying to cool the house previously. We went to Dairy Queen to get lunch when i walked in the mobile home ask my husband what the smell was. He thought the lamp caught on fire so he unplugged it. I walked past my central air for smoke to be rolling out of it. My husband turned it off. We were very fortunate the fire was in the infant stages because once we popped the power the fire went out. Obviously we need to collect money to fix this problem.

I told my mom what happened. She is stressed over my sister in law Lesa being in Morgantown hospital over heart attack, sepsis, cancer and having necrotic tissue. Instead saying thank God we are safe she threatened to hire a professional killer to take out my husband. She said we were intentionally trying to burn the mobile home to the ground. Why would we destroy our only home intentionally? She said she would be sure we will be homeless because of it. She threatened to go over there start a fight with my husband. The threatened to get my husband arrested I told her she is overreacting. The fire was an accident. I told her acting a fool and running her mouth will make her lose a daughter because i am tired of her overreacting over a simple accident. She obviously was pretty messed up psychologically and didnt take her nerve medicines correctly yet to handle the stress. Mom needs to see her psychiatrist more. Here i am grateful the mobile home is now safe she is having a complete meltdown.

I told her i had to get off the phone to go to work. She screamed no continuing to have a meltdown. I apologised to her informing her she will need to work through this by herself i have to go to work. She called me a bitch and I told her call me what she wants if it helps her sleep at night. My mom has a bad panic disorder and it has got far worse since dad died and she lost her job. I came into work with tears in my eyes. I told my fellow associates about the almost fire and drama but to customers i smiled and tried to function as kindly as possible.

I found so many pretty fabrics at work I am thinking of buying to make face covering with to sell on etsy. I always wanted to try a side business. I have never took a risk like this before but i think it must be a new adventure. I need something good in this toxic life.. a side business might be it.

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