Jehovah is evil in New Thoughts

  • June 24, 2020, 5:27 p.m.
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I was dreaming last night I had all these $50 bills folded up all tiny in secret parts of my wallet… Yeah as if…

Then I was back in high school and I couldn’t find my school bag and some girl I didn’t like was having a go at me and telling me off…

Then I was in a really weird house with my mother and she bought some weird table with stools and I was asking how much she spent on it

Then I was in the paddock where we used to agist our horses and I was explaining to someone the other horse and we don’t know who he belongs too, or what his story is, so we look after him as well …

Then I woke up. Rex was super happy to see us this morning, and helped me check the perimeter.... I just check around the fences to make sure nothing suss has happened during the night… Windscreen check, it’s OK.

Yesterday I had a local windscreen dude from our town replace the windscreen in the driveway. At least the job went to a local. Im really adamant about how/where I spend my money. It does matter.

Because of the shock to the windscreen it tripped the circuit and triggered the immobiliser. Mr B checked absolutely everything and the car would not turn over, only all the warning lights would flash on the dash. He thought it was the ignition fuse. So he walked into town. The mechanic said check the ignition solenoid behind the ignition could be that or you’re going to have to get it to an auto electrician, great , how do I do this, when it wouldnt even turn over.

Being Wednesday, all about Odin and magic, I was doing a candle spell, Mr B comes home. He’s back looking at the car. Just as the candle is finishing. Mr B says I’ll just try to turn it over. He turns the key, and Car starts perfectly!

Wow. I’m watching the candle going out and I hear the car start!

No way…

Car works perfectly now.

It’s funny though, I don’t know why it would do that. Unless someone is sending me bad magic… Oh well, they don’t know what they’re messing with.

Mr B drove into town to see cardiologist. His cardiologist says his Atria are not dilated at all, and he doesn’t know why he has afib, so now he’s being tested for everything including sleep apnia and a whole bunch of things, they’re going to change his medication as well.

I think his mother and upbringing have a lot to answer for, he was never vaccinated, no pre natal care when he was in the womb, hidden from doctors until He was five, he grew up in poverty, nutrition was non existent, he had pericarditis for over twelve months when I met him because he just didn’t go to the doctor and put up with the chest pains, no vaccinations, his mother was a raging alcoholic, it was pretty woeful.

His mother would never tell you the truth about anything, she just lies and keeps everything secret and pretends everything is just perfect, it’s really awful. His sister has a severe intellectual disability and they all pretend their is nothing wrong with her. How she got pregnant and what she does, and they still pretend nothing is wrong. His brother only now at 35 is just finding out he’s autistic.

Religion. It’s ridiculous.

But we are dealing with it. Mr B is a little worried about the afib, but it’s treatable and we just have to figure it out.

It makes me hate his mum even more. I hope I never see that woman again. She claims to be so religious, yet look at the condition of her children! If it’s all because of Jehovah, then Jehovah is just evil.

I really dislike Jehovah’s witnesses. There’s no excuse for this. It’s not religion.

Another thing that makes me really mad about the whole JW thing, is how they all protect each other, are so loyal to each other, hide everything and sweep it all under the rug.

I just don’t want people like this anywhere near me. It’s so wrong. All of it.

Then today, I have to get stuff out of the house. I have a jar I want to put in a big river, and take away from me. I checked the tidal charts and I’ll do it on the outgoing tide so it can be carried far away…

I hope they don’t smash my windscreen again. I’ll be prepared for anything.

I only called the police five times yesterday. The dirt bikes are back.

drugmate that was caught on the bikes and involved in all those burglaries and thefts was released last week. He’s back at his house now. I have been told he’s another of drugmum’s nephew’s.

I think drug grandson came home yesterday. That’s drugmum’s son, but I haven’t seen his fat cousin turn up yet. So maybe he’s still sitting in a remand centre.

The bikes were really bad all day in and out. Looks like drug grandson is dealing directly out of his house though, not heading out on the bikes, I’ve been collecting all the info of the cars and people that have been heading in and out of drughouse

I’m so done.

I’ll see if I can take photos of the big river today.

I just want to get out of here. I don’t want to live here anymore…

Unis pacis.

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