A Basically Good Day... in And So It Goes....

  • June 23, 2020, 5:29 p.m.
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Organization and plans are going swimmingly for the 4th of July Bash. My friend drew some beautiful signs for the event. She posted them, early so that the tenants would know about it early on.
This afternoon, I made a trip up to the local dollar store. I bought the majority of the paper supplies needed for the event. The store was totally out of paper napkins. I will pick some up prior to the event, when my oldest daughter takes me to the bank and Walmart next month, before the 4th.
Bear is having a time of it. His arthritis and mobility issues have worsened. Something from his last night’s dinner gave him severe dyspepsia. His roommate plays his tv loudly, 24 hours per day. They do not converse with each other. Bear told me that his roommate swears like a sailor. I pray that Bear is able to get a better night’s sleep, tonight. He told me that he feels sleep deprived. My heart goes out to him. Two nights ago, severe discomfort caused his inability to rest. Last night, it was caused by severe dyspepsia. One of the medications ordered for Bear is Prilosec. Still, I would think that the medication nurse would have p.r.n. medications on her cart which could be administered as needed through standing house orders. Where I worked, we kept Milk of Magnesia on the cart for constipation. Mylanta was given for sour stomach. An over-sized plastic jar held 325 milligram aspirin tablets for mild discomfort or for complaints of a simple headache. Ben-Gay and Aspercreme were kept in the treatment cart drawer, as they are applied topically for joint and muscle discomfort. I guess each nursing home has their own way of treatment for their residents. At any rate, Bear is still his own advocate. Hopefully, during report at shift change they will discuss Bear’s complaints of discomfort and dyspepsia, and hopefully bring it to the attention of the house physician.
In other respects, things are going well. This morning, I organized furniture in the bedroom. I need to go through my storage boxes, bedroom closet, clothing and kitchen cabinets, to make room for the basic things, make my apartment more orderly and neat. Actually, there is only one corner in the bedroom, between the chest of drawers and the closet that needs to be taken care of . Maybe tomorrow.......More later.

^..^Kat July 01, 2020

Can Bear stock a medicine kit of his own so he has these things on hand?

chocolatechip ^..^Kat ⋅ July 02, 2020

That is a good question, and a good suggestion.

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