sister in law heart attack, dying? in ?

  • June 23, 2020, 3:21 p.m.
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My sister in law Lesa had a heart attack. She is 36 years old. My brother Tom called an ambulance. Lesa fought for 2 hours with the ambulance staff. Lesa is in the hospital they are refusing her water because they fear she will go into cardiac arrest. Lesa had stents put in her heart. Lesa’s insides are going necrotic. Her gall bladder has gone rotten, her teeth are rotten. She hasnt been able to eat so she is very thin. I am honestly not sure she makes it out alive this time. She isnt in her right mind. She normally lives on Coca-Cola and cigarettes. I havent seen her properly eat in months. I am waiting to be told they had to sedate her to make her behave.. my sister in law is brat. I think she might die this time. Lesa wants her body donated to science. When the time comes we will honor her wishes. I hope she gets better soon but i am not sure that will happen.

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