mom lost job, husband the son of a b.. in ?

  • June 23, 2020, 8:06 a.m.
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I didnt realize i didnt pay my phone bill this month so life was quiet and peaceful until my husband asked me what my mom was doing in the driveway at 11 at night. He screamed at me to get rid of her. I looked him in the eyes and reminded him the mobile home we live in belongs to mom. You cant get a woman off the very property she owns. He was furious demanding me to set boundaries or he will.. His name might be on the rental agreement but his name isnt on the mobile home. He cussed me out refusing to open the door. I let her in to pee. He argued with me in front of my mom demanding me to set boundaries. How dare i let her in? She is 68 with difficulties walking. Safest thing i can do is let her in and find her a place to sit.

While I was trying to talk to mom about her losing her job Talan slammed doors. Mom sat on the bed he screamed that belonged to him she had no right. I reminded him my vagina belongs to me. When we have sex does he think he is entitled? No! I told him shut up and let mom talk. Talan slammed doors angrily and knocked things around.

He lost his temper because due to his paycheck being lost in the mail he cant pay for the internet which means no xbox. I asked him to please take out the trash and clean litter so mom doesn’t have to smell it. He said sure he will take out the trash quickly asked when my mother “the trash” is leaving. I told him to stfu. Mom sat in the next room almost in tears.

Talan offered to cook me dinner to discover his avoidance of cooking it for days made it go rotten. He told me until I could stand up to my mother i could just go hungry.

He demanded me to pick between him or my mother. I told him if I choose everyone is going to lose but me i am tired of everyone’s shit.

I took mom to the gas station. I bought us a sandwich, we shared eggless cookie dough and drank flavored water. Far away from my bitchy childish husband. Mom said they fired her for being on medical leave to long because of her grief. She didnt take dad’s death well so she is going to get on unemployment until she can figure out her next step. If mom made it to September she would have had her retirement. She feared she might go hungry. As long as there is a heartbeat in my body she will never be hungry or homeless whether my husband likes it or not.

I firmly believe like Full House and Fuller House. Family takes care of one another through the good and bad. My husband says my expectations are unrealistic. I would rather be unrealistic then uncaring.

I am from West Virginia. Since the coal mines were decreased we often struggle to eat and get by. During hard times the community takes care of our own. Churches donate foods. Families help one another out. I know people believe life is a dog eat dog world.. but in West Virginia tradional ways makes me love this state. Family isnt always blood. Kindness doesnt need to be recorded and posted on youtube. We wave hi and talk to strangers. The mountains are beautiful. My husband wants me to move away. I rather live here then anywhere else!

I got $50 till payday. With severe budgeting i think I can make it to Saturday when i get paid. I hope they find Talan’s check that is lost in the mail soon.We really need it just to get by!

Beret June 23, 2020

And this is the guy you want to have a baby with? You seem like such a kind-hearted person and a hard worker. You need someone to be a partner.

Ada O. June 23, 2020

I'm sorry your husband is such an asshole.

ConnieK June 23, 2020

Toss him out and move your mother in. Anyone who can speak so hurtfully to a woman who's lost her husband and is elderly is just plain MEAN. He's not going to change. Toss his sorry butt out.

Kristi1971 June 23, 2020

If you mom files for unemployment, then she is legally stating she is willing and able to work. Can she? Did she file for disability benefits through her work, or did her work not provide that benefit?

Jolynn June 23, 2020

I believe the same you do: Family always. I'm sorry your husband doesn't agree. Did something happen in the past that makes him feel this way? If not, and he's truly just like this, I agree with the above commenters.

swinglifeaway June 23, 2020

I'm so sorry your husband acted this way. I'm glad you were there for your mom.

Anaiss June 23, 2020

Can you just imagine Talan shouting, slamming doors, screaming and cussing with a baby around, and trying to control it? I think you'd be a kind and loving mom but I don't think Talan is good father material, and finances are always a concern. Babies are expensive. How is he going to feel when food and diapers and doctor bills for a baby don't leave enough money for his Xbox or other fun things?

Deleted user Anaiss ⋅ June 24, 2020


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