Ghosties in New Thoughts

  • June 22, 2020, 10:57 p.m.
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I have to remember my spirits, or the spirits are helping…

Just now the council ranger was cruising down our street, coincidentally the little dog from drughouse got out and was running around all crazy…

Two rangers, got out of their work vehicle and we’re chasing it around .

No one was home at drughouse

Mr B went outside and was talking to one of the rangers and was helping trying to catch the dog.

No one could get it, so the rangers left.

drug granny and drugmum came home. Rangers were still driving around the block. Just as they pulled in the driveway, the rangers pulled in behind them…

I saw the rangers leave, they didn’t have the animal.

I wonder what will happen now. …

Then I had a van pull up out front. He said he was a tradesman to do work on my house.

I went ballistic at him told him where to go, get off my property and his windscreen is next, I told him to tell drugmum I’m not putting up with her BS

He’s one of the lookouts for drugfamily i reported him to the police.

His registration plates are registered to a trailer whose plates have been cancelled.

Mr B just got an email from our property manager, saying she sent someone to look at the bathroom, but I ordered him off the property…

Oh dear.

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