Summer Maladies, Cont'd... in And So It Goes....

  • June 22, 2020, 1:54 p.m.
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This afternoon, I drug myself into the shower, then took my trash out to the dumpster. Inspite of feeling ill, I managed to toggle through my usual morning routine, and did some floor mopping with my Swiffer mop, to boot. Yesterday, I used the Swiffer on the livingroom and kitchen. Yesterday, I also cleaned out my refrigerator. It really needed it.
My neighbor across the hall and I do not see and converse w/ each other as much as we used to, b/c he now has a girlfriend, w/ whom he spends a lot of time, at his apartment. I am happy for them both. If he is ever in need of my help, I will gladly assist him, b/c he is a Gerian, and also b/c he has extreme mobility issues. He is wheelchair-bound. He also receives oxygen therapy, as needed.
My friend rec’d permission from the landlord to have a 4th of July party. I intend to opt oMy ut of providing the entertainment. That is too much pressure on one person, let alone everything else that I will be doing for this event. I am bringing my white resin fold-up utility table for table space. I am buying the paper products, veggie tray, a large amt. of frozen hamburger patties, ketchup, saurkraut, hamburger buns, possibly something from the bakery, coffee and creamer and my Mr. Coffee coffee pot. That is enough. I would rather assist w/ set up, serving and clean-up, as opposed to being a one woman USO show, if you will.
AS I said, I intend to get some extra rest, tonight, but I will probably not be able to go to bed VERY early, b/c my friend’s sister and her husband are going to be bringing over the fireplace that I am going to buy from them. I got to see a picture of it. My friend told me it is big, and very beautiful. I am looking forward to having it in my apt., and adorning it w/ some pretty knick knacks, etcetera.
Well, I guess I will end on the following note, which is to wish the entire PB family a blessed day.

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