Weekend in 2020

  • June 22, 2020, 11:01 a.m.
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The weekend just flew by :(
Let’s see. Friday my sister messages me and says that she’ll be playing The Goofy Movie on her outdoor projector. Of course I had to go because that’s my favorite movie. So Andy picked up his daughter and came home around 6:30ish. We ate dinner then went to my sister’s. After the movie and going home, it was straight to bed time.

Saturday I woke up and got started on power washing my backyard/patio/driveway. Andy came out and helped me. At first I was a little annoyed because he was missing stuff and.... to be honest I just wanted to do it. But I’m glad he helped because it took FOREVER and I was losing patience. Being he has the patience of a saint, he got a lot better at it and did it better than I did. It looks AMAZING. SO much better. We didn’t finish everything because it kept raining on and off and eventually I just had to go in and shower/bake.

alt text

alt text

alt text

It was still a little wet but you get it. Much better.
We still have the driveway to do and I wanted to do the sidewalks.

After showers, I started on the giant cookie thing with his daughter for Father’s Day. I did it without burning it! It was actually simple… Lol.
She helped mix it and stuff. I made a peanut butter frosting. After it cooled, I piped that on and she put Reese’s pieces on it.

alt text

He enjoyed it. I didn’t think it tasted great but whatever.

Then we got ready, went out to dinner which had literally NO ONE in there. We ate outside. We went home and did nothing. I was bored so I went outside to at least enjoy the weather doing nothing. I sat on the patio for a little while but I just want new patio furniture. I never spend a lot of money on it because I rarely used my patio but now that I’m actually doing stuff to do it and like it better out there… I want new furnitureeeeeee.

Sunday morning he got up to play games, I stayed in bed to watch a movie. I got up and made a banana cream pie for my step dad. We got ready and he went to his parent’s and I went to my sister’s. Just hung out (mostly) outside all day. We had tenderloin and shrimp for dinner and it was delish.

By the time he came home… it was like 9ish. It was late but he hasn’t seen his family since all this stuff started (except for his grandma’s 15 minute funeral outside).

He got a new Switch game from his daughter so he wanted to play it with me a little bit. We went to bed really late and we’re both kind of struggling today.

Oh side note: Andy told me this weekend he has things “in the works” regarding my ring/the engagement. He said it’s really hard not telling me about this because he tells me everything but things are in the works and that’s all he could say.



I try not to bring it up a lot with him because I don’t want to take away from it but I’m so excited and always want to be like HEY DO YOU LIKE THESE FOR OUR WEDDING? HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS FOR THE RECEPTION? And it happens.... and it happens a lot from him too. He does the same thing. I warned him… I asked him, “Do you realize that after you propose there’s going to be SO MUCH wedding talk? So much wedding to do’s. So much”.

He said, “I know and I’m honestly so excited for it. I’m here for it”.

I apologize in advance to you all also. I’m sure I’ll be annoying on here too.

Anyway. Work time.
I placed a grocery order for pick up today. Not sure what’s for dinner tonight. I really kind of want this chicken cordon bleu casserole but it’s a messy and I’m lazy today. I’d rather go outside and work more on the power washing :)

The Thirsty Oriental June 22, 2020

Holy smokes that pressure washing made a huge difference.

Chicken cordon bleu casserole sounds good.

Mamie June 22, 2020

the power washing sure did help

sedentary June 22, 2020

I love wedding planning, I'm here for the details!

SilentEcho June 22, 2020

Casserole ftw

Pressure washing: instant gratification ❤

~daydreamer~ June 23, 2020

That cookie cake looks so good 🤤

BeautifulMess_ June 23, 2020

The cookie cake looks good! And there was definitely a diff when you all finished the power washing. Also, do all the wedding talk you want, it's an exciting thing.

^..^Kat June 25, 2020

That cookie is so pretty, I bet it was yummy. I'm excited about wedding talk for YOUR wedding, no longer ex-BFF's. :)

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