the sewing machine, fathers day with mom, sis in law cancer diagnosis in ?

  • June 22, 2020, 2:11 a.m.
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My boss Kathy offered me a returned sewing machine that was originally $700 for $70. I asked her what was wrong she said the machine keeps bird nesting (massive tangles) while sewing. She got irritated with me when i said i wanted to test the product. She kept making excuses after she left that night i asked Vada if i could pull it out and test it. In between customers we tested it Vada the keyholder who has never touched a sewing machine in her life sat beside me watching and asking questions. I think Vada wants to learn to sew I decided more than likely it was the tensioner on the bobbin and the wrong setting on the sewing machine. I still didnt purchase it till i went home looked it up on youtube to see if i was right and how to fix it. All I would have to do was loosen one screw and the machine would be fixed. I was so excited i figured it out. Next morning I told Kathy I wanted to buy it. I told her what was wrong with it. She said I was right. She packed it up to return to factory refuse it was sitting in the backroom teasing me. She now refused sell it to me. I pouted when she promised to find me better. I caught myself thinking but better was right there! You better find a damn amazing machine for me! I hope the next is a good price.

I felt bad because it was father’s day. I wish i could have spent it with dad instead I spent the afternoon with mom. Dad passed away in 2018 life hasnt been the same without him. I cooked my mom and i spaghetti for dinner and we were watching Highway to Heaven. I forgot how enjoyable that tv show was. Mom found it on her Roku. She suggested me get a Roku. No lie I am tempted. I love mom. It was nice to unwind and spend time.

When it started getting late my husband text me bacause phone calls dont work in that cellphone area. He was panicing about a bad storm in Daniels. It was obviously a scattered storms because at mom’s house was dry a town over. I delivered him tacos told him I loved him and went to sleep.

Talan said he questions if I love him. He said sometimes I can be so heartless. He got upset because I was visiting mom instead coming immediately home. I reminded him he sees me everyday mom sees me occasionally when i drive to visit her. My mom is a big part of my life. As lomg as she is alive I am there for her.

Talan said he fears my brother and sister in law were bullying me again. Due to Lesa my sister in law recent cancer diagnosis most of the time Tom stays next door house minding his own business. Rarely do i see Tom. Talan remember how rude and mean Lesa was in the past. Now she is to sick to barely get out of bed. She is refusing cancer treatment so only God knows how much time she has left. Tom got upset when I said plan her funeral just in case in advance. When dad died we were so stressed we didnt think rationally. Of Lesa has to go he can at least honor her wishes.

Here it is 4 am. My husband and my cats are asleep. I have terrible heart burn. The acid is burning my teeth and tongue. I took pepto kind of hope it will give me relief soon. I need badly to sleep.

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Kristi1971 June 22, 2020

I'm glad your time with your Mom was so enjoyable!

I would say your boss is a snake. She wanted to sell you a machine she thought was broken. As soon as you told her the problem with it, she's returning it for a good one to sell. :( She does not appear very trustworthy.

Foofah June 22, 2020

I think it's smart to plan a funeral ahead of time. No one really wants to discuss those kinds of things but I think it's important to know what we each want and that our loved ones know as well.

We have a Roku TV and we're in love with it. There are so many free apps on there and then you can link other apps. We haven't had cable in years, just Roku, and we love it!

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